Clumsy Lions

My neck is finally feeling a lot better. It’s true it was only hurting for a few days, but it really hurt. This morning Lion said he was glad I was feeling better. I teased him that he only wanted sex. It’s true, he said, but he ultimately wants to make sure I’m okay.

I’ve been trying to figure out how I hurt my neck in the first place. This morning I came up with a possible answer. It might have happened either when we loaded the full garbage can into the truck on Thursday or the empty garbage can on Friday. I’m leaning toward Friday since I don’t remember it hurting before Saturday. And the reason I bring this up is that I’ve noticed something about Lion and me: we may feel close to one another, but we are clumsy when it comes to actually being together.

When I pick the empty garbage can up by myself, I have a system. When we both pick it up, it seems way too awkward. When we walk next to each other we wind up bumping into each other more often than not. Of course, if we’re holding hands, we do better. For some reason I guess we don’t have the spatial recognition if we’re not actually touching.

Neither one of us is exactly a dainty person. Both of us trip over nothing and our own feet. It makes perfect sense that we’d bump into each other. Maybe this goes hand in hand with us being opposites in almost everything else. Rock versus classical music. TV shows. Movies. Books. For whatever reason, we don’t seem to fit together and yet, we fit perfectly together.