(Not) For Exit Only

butt plug go pro mount
Is that a camera sticking out of your ass? Yup! Talk about POV!

Nothing says submission like a dildo in the butt. At least that’s how I see it. Even if it’s erotically arousing, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that there is a penis-shaped intruder uncomfortably moving in and out of my ass. For the record, I’m not turned on by having something shoved up my ass. It doesn’t feel good to me. But then, a lot of things I want aren’tparticularly  comfortable.

Anal penetration is a very dominant activity for me. When Mrs. Lion shoves a plug or dildo up my ass, I truly feel submissive. On the dominant side, there is a real power rush forcing a lubed object up a willing submissive’s ass. Like spanking, anal penetration is an almost-universal expression of dominance over a man. I think that those two are the first BDSM activities most people try.

It’s no accident that both involve the male butt. The bottom has a rich network of nerves that react to the stimulation of spanking. The anus is an area that is also graced with many nerves. Stimulation of them provides a combination of sexual arousal and pain. A finger gently inserted during a blow job greatly enhances the experience. I love it! The same is true of a spanking administered for fun. I can remain aroused through most of one.

Spanking and anal penetration are both exciting enough for me to willingly accept them. That doesn’t mean I will stay happy I was willing. When Mrs. Lion starts inserting a butt plug, for example, it feels good; a little like that finger during a blow job. I’m probably hard or getting there. Then, very shortly, as the wider part of the plug is being pushed in, the good feeling disappears and it hurts. The pain builds until the widest part passes my sphincter. Then it feels good again.


strap on panties
They look like ordinary women’s briefs until you see the “O” ring sewn into the front. A dildo goes there. It’s a comfortable and stylish way to peg your main.

The good feeling continues for a while. Then, it just sort of blends into the background noise of my body. After a couple of hours, it starts feeling uncomfortable, like I want to go to the bathroom. The discomfort builds slowly. I can’t find a comfortable position. Eventually, Mrs. Lion takes pity on me and she removes it. Going out is a lot less uncomfortable than going in. I guess I’m used to pushing things out. The “in” direction is not a normal part of my experience.

A dildo is a different experience. Depending on the diameter (length isn’t particularly important), insertion can hurt a lot. Once it’s well seated up my ass, I feel a lot of discomfort. After a few minutes, the pain subsides. Then she starts moving it in and out, slowly at first. I am not fond of that sensation at all. Every so often, she’ll pull the dildo out completely and then immediately reinsert it. Nope. That’s no fun. She speeds up. It feels a lot worse. I hate it. When she believes I’ve had enough, she will take it out. Whew!

She has a RodeOh strap-on panty. So far I’ve been too much of a wimp for her to use it. I would like her to be able to truly peg me. I think I can learn to handle being fucked. Like the other things I’ve learned to accept, I just need practice. Gradually, she can increase the length of time she fucks me as well as her speed. If she does this three or four times a week, I’m sure I will be ready for pegging soon enough.

I’m kinky enough to want this training. It feels like a good way to further express my submission to my lioness.  We haven’t done any anal play in months. I imagine that once she starts again I’ll wish I didn’t write this post.



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  1. You should definitely give in and let her truly peg you. To me it is a truly submissive moment feeling my mistress slide in and bottom out against me. Sometimes she will keep me caged and for that’s the ultimate point of submission.

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