Now 167 is the number of orgasms Lion has had. He’d already written his post when I decided he was sufficiently horny to warrant an orgasm. Actually I was thinking of making him wait seven days, but, oh well. You know how it goes.

I thought about getting the Box O’Fun but I was too lazy. Instead, I swatted his balls. I tease him that he has wimpy balls because he winces at seemingly little swats. I know it’s a sensitive area, but I think he used to be able to take more force. At first I thought he was just out of practice but no matter how often I do it, he winces.

It didn’t really matter anyway. Lion was horny enough without any other play. I wasn’t sure, but then as I edged him more and more, he got very hard. I stopped when he looked like he was straining to come. And then I started right back in. No rest for the wicked. And finally I gave in.

He didn’t produce much semen. Lion usually worries about that. I don’t see that as an issue. Sometimes he produces more. Ebb and flow. I’m pretty sure it’s natural.


  1. It isn’t how much you cum, it’s how you feel when cuming. At my age I get a little dribble, but it still feels GREAT.

    1. I agree! It feels great, wet or dry.

    1. It is. I prefer to produce it, but there is no real way to improve it.

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