Lion Candle

I finished up waxing Lion yesterday. He keeps finding spots I missed. I’m not a professional. There’s bound to be spots I missed. Some of them are barely stubble so waxing won’t work anyway. The hair that had grown back (or what I missed last time) was lighter. His legs were fairly furry, but his crack was not. I assume next time his legs will be lighter and I’ll catch the spots I missed this week. I wish there was a way to just dip him in wax and yank everything off all at once. He’d look like a Lion candle.

When I played with him last night I wasn’t sure if he was horny to begin with. It didn’t take long to get him somewhat hard. Then I really got going and it was evident he was ready for an orgasm. I got him very close several times. I sucked on him when I stopped jerking him off. He wanted me to keep going. I did not. He was humping air when I told him I had to get the rest of the laundry out of the dryer.

As we snuggled again, he told me I should give him more attention. Really? I gave him so much attention when I waxed him. A few tugs here. Some ball-fondling there. A playful swat or two. Of course, that wasn’t the attention he wanted. The poor boy wanted an orgasm. He may be ready for an orgasm but I’m not ready to give him one yet. Maybe tonight. Maybe not.

The good boy remembered to remind me it was punishment day. IN ALL CAPS. Funny. He wanted to make sure I saw it and that he got credit for it. Your buns are safe for now, my pet. However, the day is still young.