The No-Comment Dilemma

angry lin
Damn it! Say something!

It’s ironic that the post I wrote about getting very few comments only received one. It also got just two “likes”. Part of the problem is that in order to Like or comment on a post, you need to be on the page that contains only that post. We use WordPress as the content management system for our blog. WordPress in its infinite wisdom doesn’t let people comment if they just visit the blog itself. In other words, if you go to, you will see our most recent post as well as earlier ones if you scroll down. There is nothing to suggest you need to do more in order to interact with us.

Sadly, you do. If the title of the post is blue, you are on the “home” page and can’t Like or comment. If you click the title, you will go to a page that looks exactly like the one you just left except the title is black and magically, you will see the “Like” button and comments form after the post. That really sucks. Now if you got here by clicking a link somewhere that is the title of this post, you will automatically be at the page that allows comments.

It’s really ironic that our most faithful, and most likely-to-comment readers don’t click a link to get here. They just type in the main URL or click a bookmark to this address. That means they have to click the title to interact.

There is a possible fix. I can set up the post so that you will have to click a link to finish reading the post. This “more” link will automatically take you to the page that allows comments and likes. It just seems like it’s a  pain in the ass to have to click that “more” link in the middle of the post. I wonder what would happen if I put the more link at the end. Then,  you just click it to comment or like. What do you think?

Here. Try it now. Click the link below to comment or like this post.

You need to click it to comment.


  1. I’ve started to access your site through the manage the blogs I follow switch. This allows me to like and comment. It works for me.

    1. Author

      It seems that over the years, WordPress had made it harder to interact with blogs. Alternate methods of reading, like their mobile app, seem to have taken priority over interaction. Too bad, in my view.

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