Not A Sexy Post

We made the four-hour drive home from the beach yesterday. It was a pleasant trip. We talked and watched the scenery go by. We also decided we would squeeze another long weekend at the beach in before the fall rains. We’ve gotten very accomplished at preparing our camper for travel. What was once a stressful comedy of lions dashing hither and thither, as become a nearly graceful ballet of directed activity.

I’m having trouble with my eyes. At times, I can hardly see through my left eye. I think it is allergy related. With any luck, after allergy season, things will return to normal. Until then, it’s a struggle. I didn’t mean to serve whine with my post. But if you are wondering why I make strange typos, that’s it.

I think this is one of my low-libido periods. Every so often I am less horny than usual. That doesn’t mean that Mrs. Lion can’t get my motor running if she wants. She can. But if she doesn’t try, I hardly notice. Maybe I’m not in the doldrums yet. On our way home yesterday, I had some distinctly sexual thoughts about my lioness and I.

We’re settled in at home. We love our bed here. Sleeping in the camper isn’t that easy. We’ve gotten used to our softer at-home bed. Hopefully, by the time we head out next year, we’ll have a new mattress like the one we have at home. I’ve traveled a lot on business and generally slept well. The mattress in our camper is a good one. It’s a nice, queen-sized memory foam unit. It’s only a year old. Here at home, we have a Sleep Number bed. It’s a lot more comfortable. We’ll save our pennies and get one for travel.

I know this isn’t a very sexy post. Maybe I am in the sexual doldrums after all.

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