Vacation’s End.

It’s been a month since my Brazilian waxing. Mrs. Lion did a very good job. Hair is starting to return to my balls. I can also feel some on my thighs and legs. A few hairs are returning to my chest as well. It may be time for a rewax.

The hair I can see is definitely finer and softer. It’s also not coming back in the quantity that was removed. Mrs. Lion’s job will be a lot easier in maintenance mode. I’m happy with how I look. Mrs. Lion hasn’t commented. Even if she decides to let some of my hair grow back, I doubt it will be as thick.

This is the last day of our vacation. We drive home today. It’s been a very nice trip. Even though it was cool and cloudy most of the time, we had a great time prowling around the area. Once we get home, we’ll be winterizing our camper. This is our last camping trip of the year. I’m sorry to see the summer end. It’s my favorite season of the year.

I’m hoping we will play more. I think we should go back to our Box O’Fun. It’s hazardous to me since there are quite a few cards in it that hurt quite a bit. Despite that, I love the suspense of gambling with BDSM. Now that 2.0 is fully resident, I have no doubt that I will suffer even the most vicious activity in the box if I pick it.

I’m brave now. I might regret that I asked for the box to return. That, believe it or not is also part of the fun. Right? Maybe. I think so. Well, maybe I spoke too fast.


    1. Author

      You’d think I’d learn, but I don’t.

      1. It’s the neurochemistry and brain wiring, they make our memories of pleasure more powerfully direct than memories of pain. And thank goodness for that.

        1. Author

          I’ll work very hard to avoid a spanking, so I’m not entirely sure I agree.

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