Rewards are Hard to Figure Out

I’ve always found it difficult to reward Lion. I think that’s true for the world in general. Your boss tends to point out when you do things wrong. He or she will rarely praise you for a job well done.

It’s fairly easy to catch Lion breaking a rule. He either followed it or he didn’t. Black or white. Yes or no. On or off. But I can’t exactly say, “You get a reward for following the rules!” I mean I could but that doesn’t really make any sense.

So far I’ve been looking for extra good behavior to reward Lion. If he normally does good things but rarely does extra good things, he will rarely earn good boy orgasms. I don’t want to equate bringing me flowers or taking me to a fancy restaurant with extra good behavior. I don’t know what I want to equate it with, and that’s the problem.

I’ll definitely keep my eyes open for extra good behavior even if I can’t exactly define it. But, for now, I’m going to continue to give him orgasms when I feel he should have one. He’ll wind up with more that way and I don’t think he’ll argue with that.

As you know, we come up with ideas all the time. I’m sure at some point we’ll hit upon some behaviors that will earn him orgasms. Once we stop trying to figure it out, we’ll have success.

This is our last day at the beach. We’re taking the dog down to the water again so she can bark at the sand and surf. She gets very excited. Then we’re off exploring again. We found a town we’d like to explore further. It was crowded yesterday but we’re betting most people will be heading home today.

Tomorrow it’s back to reality. And back to playing in our normal setting. It’s always easier to play at home than in the camper. More light. More room. More energy.

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