Lion was very horny last night. He’s still horny today. And he’ll be horny for at least a few more days. When I stopped edging him he said he still needed attention. He really wanted to come. Poor thing.

Tonight we have to concentrate on getting things into the camper for our trip tomorrow. I’m not sure how early we’re leaving. It takes about four hours to get to our destination. It takes about a half hour once we get there to connect everything and then we’re free. After the morning I had today, I’m ready for a long, long weekend.

I’m not sure how tired we’ll be when we’re done packing. Maybe not too tired. We can always just snuggle. But I think Lion will be looking for more. My weenie has a hair trigger right now. Any breeze will excite him. I’ve been mean and made Lion wait a little bit longer than he’s used to waiting.

A long time ago, Lion was trying to get me to add days to his wait as punishment. I finally decided to do it and now he has another idea. I’ll let him tell you about it tomorrow. It just proves to me that Lion only wants what he wants until he gets it and then he’s off in another direction. Silly boy. It’s a good thing I know how to hold on tight for the roller coaster ride.

punishment stool
Lion’s punishment stool. We have a square of the same material to put on Lion’s chair in the camper.

Mrs. Lion informed me that my next orgasm might be on Sunday. That would be eleven days of waiting. But there’s a catch. She also said that if I misbehave, in addition to spanking and other punishments, she will add a day or two or more to my wait time. This is the first time she’s tied sex in with discipline. The stakes are going up. There’s no question that I hate to be punished. The spankings are very painful and being made to sit on the punishment stool or soaping my mouth are no fun either.

OK, I like to be spanked in the context of play. Thinking about a spanking can get me aroused. I even window shop (on the Web) for spanking implements. But when the time comes for me to lie across the bed to be punished, it doesn’t take long for any arousal to disappear. Lest I forget, Mrs. Lion reminded me that we have a lion-butt-sized square of the same mean material that covers her punishment stool. This fits nicely on the cushion of my dining room chair in the camper. It’s stowed and ready for her use.

Bad boys have to wait. Good boys get to come — a lot!

Lioness 3.0 seems to be inclined to adding additional “activities” to her punishment regime. She’s also going to make me pay by prolonging my wait for the next orgasm. I find that idea exciting to think about. I’m sure I will be upset when she makes me wait longer.

When it comes to deciding how long I should have added to my wait, we disagree. She thinks a day or two will make her point. From the distance of not having a longer wait sentenced, I think the extension should be longer. I’m pretty sure I can be philosophical about waiting two more days; not so much about a week. A couple of days is more like a game. A week or more is really punishment.

When you consider that my average wait is about six days, adding a week is effectively doubling that. Even if I’ve been waiting for eleven days, being told I will now be waiting double that would make an impression. Since I know that I will be getting nightly edging, the time will go very slowly for me. If during that p;punishment wait I get into trouble, I will take extending my sentence very seriously.

If Mrs. Lion adopts this policy, I think my conditioning will be stronger. Punishment will not only hurt me but will also withhold something I want. There’s another side to this coin. An orgasm can be a powerful reward. A good-boy handjob administered as close to the behavior as possible is also strong positive conditioning. Even if I’ve had an orgasm the night before, the reward has a lot of value. It may not be easy coming too soon after an orgasm, but the value of the reward won’t be lost.

Even if the orgasm is only hours after another, it doesn’t matter that it won’t feel wonderful. I’m learning to associate pleasing Mrs. Lion with sexual gratification and displeasing her with not being able to ejaculate. It’s a very primal punishment/reward combination. It may seem odd that an orgasm I am not really ready to have is a reward. But it is. Ejaculation, is the most basic male pleasure. I won’t remember that I wasn’t in the mood. I will remember that I got to ejaculate because I was good.

I think that this is truly coopting profound male pleasure as a tool for control. In a very real sense, it’s not about giving me a good (or bad) time. It’s about me learning to associate sexual relief with obedience. A scheduled orgasm is supposed to be a fun gift from Mrs. Lion. A reward orgasm is the behavioral reverse of a spanking. Be bad, get spanked and wait longer to come., Be good get to ejaculate. More important than that, sex is now closely associated with how I behave: good or bad.

(Continued tomorrow)

When we finally snuggled last night, Lion said he might need a little help getting hard. I asked if he had a preference of helpers. He did not. I did.

I always tease him about mouth to cock resuscitation. I love to bring my weenie back to life with my mouth. He starts off soft and small, and grows hard and tall. It didn’t take long. It would have taken a lot longer with just my hand. And I’m not sure he would have made it at all.

This way, with some creative tongue work, he was excited and well on his way to an orgasm. Or he would have been if I hadn’t stopped short. Again and again. And again. Lion was frustrated when I stopped. I don’t think he’s all that horny or he wouldn’t have needed the help, but I left him horny.

I think I’ll keep him that way for a while. At least for the next few days. He might get an orgasm sometime over the weekend. I guess it all depends on him. From a horniness point of view and a behavior point of view. If he annoys me, I might add a few days on to his wait. Of course, I’ll still spank him if he misbehaves. I’ll just add on a day or two to his wait. So let’s assume he’ll have an orgasm Sunday night and go from there.

It’s true. I write completely naked. I’m always naked at home. I don’t know if anyone else also writes bare assed. I like to think that the air circulating around my junks adds a certain flavor to my prose.

I’m told that the new “big thing” is to blog on tumblr. I have found a blog or two there, but at least to me, the medium is more for photo sharing. Blogging websites offer a more disciplined forum for discussion. Maybe I’m just getting old. I shake my head at millennials who ride elevators, walk down the street, and eat while deeply buried in their phones.

it appears that their reality is the two-dimensional, small-screen world the phone reveals. Apparently, life isn’t experienced until it is photographed and tweeted or facebooked. I wonder how this phone-cenric reality plays out sexually. Are orgasms only truly experienced after tweeting about having sex? Maybe the smart phone will turn out to be the first truly effective form of birth control.

It’s ironic that when Mosaic, the first web browser was released, people wondered where all the content would come from. Pundits posited that there would be nothing to read. No one guessed that so many people want to tell their own stories. Even more surprising, lots of people actually want to read what they write.

Our marriage is profoundly affected by the Web. Our blog has become a central form of relationship communication for us. The fact that it is public with many people contributing thoughts doesn’t make it less intimate for me at least. And intimate it is!

naked at my desk
Sometimes when it’s a bit chilly, I’m allowed to wear a t-shirt. Click to enlarge.

Every blog develops its own voice. Some are a mix of fantasy and fact. Others try to sell books and services. Some, like ours, are living journals of our sex lives. Every single orgasm either of us has had in the last five years is recorded here. Think of it; every single sexual activity we have experienced is open and available for you to read about and comment on.

Mrs. Lion and I are private people. We don’t socialize a great deal. We never discuss our kinks and other activities with others. Nevertheless, we faithfully report it all to you in this blog. Maybe we’re in our own millennial world. Have I really ejaculated if I haven’t written about it here? What I fail to mention, Mrs. Lion reports in detail.

We’ve never exaggerated or fabricated activities. We have never left anything out. It’s all here; the good, bad, and my dick pics. We’ve written over a million words about our intimate lives. That must be some kind of record.

Even at times when nothing hot or different is happening, we submit our daily reports. There are times I really don’t want to write. Occasionally, I will skip a day. But I always come back; so does my lioness. We’re addicted to reporting. So far, it’s proven to be healthy for us and our readers. I learn from what Mrs. Lion writes. I profit from comments you leave. Clearly, we find value in continuing the story. I hope you do too. And yes, I remain stark naked.