Hair Trigger

Lion was very horny last night. He’s still horny today. And he’ll be horny for at least a few more days. When I stopped edging him he said he still needed attention. He really wanted to come. Poor thing.

Tonight we have to concentrate on getting things into the camper for our trip tomorrow. I’m not sure how early we’re leaving. It takes about four hours to get to our destination. It takes about a half hour once we get there to connect everything and then we’re free. After the morning I had today, I’m ready for a long, long weekend.

I’m not sure how tired we’ll be when we’re done packing. Maybe not too tired. We can always just snuggle. But I think Lion will be looking for more. My weenie has a hair trigger right now. Any breeze will excite him. I’ve been mean and made Lion wait a little bit longer than he’s used to waiting.

A long time ago, Lion was trying to get me to add days to his wait as punishment. I finally decided to do it and now he has another idea. I’ll let him tell you about it tomorrow. It just proves to me that Lion only wants what he wants until he gets it and then he’s off in another direction. Silly boy. It’s a good thing I know how to hold on tight for the roller coaster ride.


  1. I would love to hear that you decided to refrain from giving him an orgasm until a week after you returned home. I was kept locked for over 3 weeks while my girlfriend went on vacation. So I want to hear another man squeal. Ha ha ha!

    1. Author

      I made Lion wait 28 days once. That was difficult for both of us. I like giving him orgasms and, obviously, he likes getting them. Our brand of enforced chastity doesn’t put too much emphasis on long waits.

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