Missing in Action

Lion was late with his post yesterday. I didn’t do one at all. And I just realized Lion didn’t do one this morning. We’re really not on the ball lately. Lion says he has nothing to say. For my part, I didn’t write my post at work as I usually do and then we were busy in the afternoon.

I haven’t been feeling very well. I think it’s a combination of not sleeping well and the air quality around here. I don’t spend much time outdoors but the smoke permeates into cars and houses. It’s difficult to feel like playing when your body doesn’t want to move. Lion hasn’t been sleeping well either. He fell asleep for a while watching TV.

We have to snap out of this soon. Every day we don’t do something is a day closer to going back to what it was like before we started enforced chastity. I don’t want to panic about a few days here and there, but a few days can quickly turn into a week and then a month. I also don’t want to feel pressured into playing. I have a habit of feeling like Lion is pressuring me even when he’s not. He’ll say, “We haven’t done X in a while” and I take that as a criticism. He’s not trying to say we aren’t playing enough. He’s not trying to tell me I’m failing. But that’s how I take it.

Lion wants to bring back the Box O’Fun. He’s said it a few times now. I’ve been resisting. I know what’s in that box. Mean things. I know that’s the point. I just don’t know that I want to do the specific mean thing that Lion will pick out. I don’t know why. It’s perfectly fine if he picks the mean clothespins. He’s agreed to it. It’s perfectly fine if he picks Icy Hot. That was actually his idea.

Maybe 3.0 isn’t really here after all.

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