Safe Butt For Now

The Magic Wand did its job last night. Lion was only sort of interested until I started using the vibrator. It didn’t take long to get him to the edge. It always amazes me how excited he gets.

Lion was panting each time I stopped him from coming. I won’t say he was desperate. He’d had an orgasm a few days before. He’s almost always looking for an orgasm so you can’t tell anything by that either. But he was certainly excited and more than willing to come. Who am I to deny him? Well, yes, I am the person who “should” be denying him. But I didn’t. I like seeing him that excited and listening to him as he realizes he’s going over the top. He makes some great noises.

Today is punishment day. Technically Lion should be punished for yelling at me last night. Our poor dog had another seizure and I was the one closest to the door so I ran for the emergency medicine we keep in the fridge. Before I had made it halfway down the hall, Lion was yelling at me to hurry. It was dark and I was fumbling for the light switch and I was sure I was moving faster than he could have. When I got back he said I took a long time to go ten feet. For the record, the house must be about 30 feet long and I was going from one end to the other. In the dark. Barefoot. With a cabinet on one side and a mound of empty boxes on the other. Plus a garbage can and kitchen table/chairs. So I yelled back but I knew he was just panicked because of the dog.

This morning when he reminded me of punishment day, I told him I wasn’t going to punish him for it. We were both worried and I know when he’s gone for the medicine it seems like he’s taking forever but I know he’s moving as fast as he can. When your kid or animal is sick, every second feels like an hour. The good news is that once we squirt the drug up her nose, she comes out of the seizure fairly quickly.

So Lion’s butt is safe for now.

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