Do It Anyway

Last night I was fully prepared to swat Lion’s cute tushy. When I brought out some paddles to use after my hands were too sore, Lion asked if we could put it off to another night. Of course we can. If it was a punishment spanking I would have told him to roll over without hesitating at all. He doesn’t get to ask for a delay of that unless there’s an illness or injury. He’d been horny earlier in the day. I guess we just missed our window of opportunity.

Maybe I was wrong to allow him to delay even for a play spanking. It seems ridiculous to force him to do something he doesn’t want to do when he’s the one who’s supposed to get the benefit out of it. But I wonder if he’d get into it once we started. Sometimes he doesn’t think he’s very horny but I can make Mr. Weenie stand at attention. Is spanking, or any other play, something that you have to already be in the mood for long before it starts?

I know a lot of sex is in your mind. I know I’ve talked myself into orgasms in the past. When Lion feels bad that I don’t have orgasms and I agree to let him give me one even if I don’t really feel like it, I feel bad that it’s taking so long. Sometimes I have an internal discussion with myself. “This feels really good. What the hell are you doing? Come already!” I won’t say it works every time but a good, stern talking-to can go a long way.

I have no idea if Lion has these internal discussions. I here him mumbling to himself sometimes. Not during sex necessarily. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to have internal discussions. I remember a friend who was dating a guy named Eddie. During sex he would say, “Come on, Eddie. Come on, Eddie. Come on, Eddie.” Apparently Eddie’s internal discussions spilled over.

If Lion doesn’t feel like a spanking tonight, I’ll suggest we try anyway.