Too Much Of A Bad Thing

We arrived home last night in the middle of rush hour. It’s good to be back home. While our camper is luxurious, the shower is not a very generous size. I am grateful for our lion-sized shower. I’m back to work today. Oh well, vacation had to end some time.

Mrs. Lion did more things with me on this trip. She spanked me for spilling on my shirt. That was the night we arrived. She also gave me two orgasms, smacked my balls and tied them up. Al this in six days. Great! I’m writing this the night before you read the post. I usually do that. We’re both pretty tired, so I don’t relly expect any activities.  If I’m wrong, Mrs. Lion will fill you in later today.

She mentioned that I’ve been good about reminding her of punishment days. I am doing my best to do my job. She said she was surprised I’m doing it since I get a maintenance spanking on punishment days. I do? I didn’t realize that. I thought it was a weekly event. Guess not.

There’s a negative side effect to these frequent spankings. Mrs. Lion noticed it before I did. If I’m getting a punishment-level spanking at least twice a week for maintenance, if I break a rule, it won’t matter. I’m going to be spanked anyway. Last night we had dinner at a Thai restaurant. I ordered a dish with a lot of peanut sauce on it. The potential for a spot on my shirt was very high. I worked very hard to stay spot free.

But what if I did get some on my shirt? I would get spanked, right? Monday is punishment day. I would get a maintenance spanking anyway. See? Spot or no spot, I would be beaten. Up until now, I haven’t given this any serious thought. It may be that too-frequent, maintenance spankings drastically reduces the incentive to follow my rules. I have no idea what, if anything, Mrs. Lion is going to do now that we both realize this problem. Stay tuned.