Spanking Gauge

I finally got some sleep. Sure I’ve been snoozing here and there in the afternoon, but last night I actually slept well. I think Lion did too.

We didn’t play last night. Barring any obstacles today, we will play tonight. I think Lion’s balls might be healed enough to be tied up or clothespinned. I think Icy Hot is still out. I’m sure that’s just fine with Lion.

Just before we left to get pizza yesterday, I gave Lion a maintenance spanking. He looked a little annoyed when I called him into the bedroom, but he obeyed. I won’t say this spanking was less severe but it was shorter. He was yelping more but managed to stay still longer. He definitely wanted it to be over before I was ready.

I’m having a difficult time figuring out if I’ve done a good job spanking Lion. His butt doesn’t always turn red. And the length of time it hurts also varies. I’ll think it was a good one, he’ll tell me it hurt like hell, but his buns aren’t particularly red and it doesn’t hurt for long. Sometimes, hours later, Lion will tell me I’m really getting good at spanking. Maybe that’s my gauge.

Today we’re going off exploring again. I lose track of what day it is when we’re away. I guess that’s the point of a vacation. I’m not sure I could get used to living in a camper full time but I could certainly get used to not working.