Sometimes I’m nice. Sometimes nice is a relative term. One man’s trash and all that. Lion knows what he wants. He thinks he knows what he wants. When he gets it he’s not so sure. Case in point: spanking. Lion is sure he wants discipline. He wants me to set rules and enforce them. Until I do. Then he gets pissed and glares at me.

It’s funny. When we did a maintenance spanking on Monday, I started off super slow. I was barely hitting him. I asked if he remembered how pathetic my swats were when we first started. He laughed. I don’t think my swats would have disabled a fly let alone killed it. I’ve gotten much better at spanking. Of course those were play spankings.

It’s not that punishment spankings are necessarily any harder than play spankings. In a real play spanking scenario you can work up to some very hard swats. The build-up to those swats is somewhat different. And there may be some breaks along the way. Usually I take some time to rub Lion’s sore buns a little when we’re playing. I’ve even bitten his sore buns. I’ve never gotten Lion to the extreme in a play spanking the way other people have.

As far as I know, no one has ever given Lion a punishment spanking. I’ve been starting out slowly lately. At his suggestion I’ve started announcing when the actual punishment will begin. The other night when he was pissed at being punished, he was really pissed that the punishment wasn’t over when I hadn’t even begun. I’m still not at the level that I probably need to be to really make an impact (pun intended) on Lion’s butt. I’m working on it though.

Tonight we’ll do another maintenance session which will be at punishment level. Maybe he won’t be so pissed because he’ll be expecting it. I hope.

my spanked butt
While I’m not that red, the spanking hurt like hell.

The other night I was punished for interrupting Mrs. Lion. I was pissed. The last thing I wanted was a spanking. That’s rarely the case. This time I was in absolutely no mood to be spanked.

A while ago, I wrote a post about a method for punishment spanking I had seen on the web. Mrs. Lion agreed to try it. She tested it out when she gave me a maintenance spanking. I hated it! Apparently, she saw promise in it. Then, the other night when she punished me for interrupting, she applied that technique again. This time it was more severe.

My punishment spanking started as they usually do, with gradually escalating  swats. However, when I reached the point when I really wanted it to stop, Mrs. Lion sensed it and announced that now the punishment would start. I thought it was nearly done!

She continued  swatting harder and harder, and kept going even when I glared at her and tried to roll away. I thought she would never stop. Eventually, she did. Then she began to make room for me to stand in the corner, but stopped.

It’s true that I must have looked pretty upset. I was. I wasn’t happy at all. It should be noted that I remembered to thank her when she finished beating me. I absolutely didn’t want to risk any more swats.

I was surprised to discover that my butt didn’t burn for long and Mrs. Lion said it wasn’t particularly red. It may be due to her using a big wooden spoon to beat me. All I know is it hurt like hell and I was really glad when she finally stopped. She’s clearly on the way to fully accepting her role as my disciplining wife. I’m glad (now that it is behind me, so to speak) that she punished me for interrupting her. It’s a habit I need to break.

In retrospect, I’m also glad that she is making my punishments real. There was absolutely nothing about this spanking that was BDSM play. I truly didn’t want that spanking. I was OK with it when she started, but. by the time she announced that the punishment would now begin, I wanted her to stop. I really wanted her to stop. It didn’t matter a bit to her. I’m impressed that she didn’t seem to care how I was feeling about being beaten. This was punishment. Period.

When I usually write about spanking, there are semi-erotic overtones. Not this time. Mrs. Lion (Lioness 2.5?) decided to disregard my reception of her punishment. I still influenced her to some degree. She decided not to give me corner time because I looked so pissed off. But she spanked me well past the point when I wanted her to stop. In fact, she didn’t even start the punishment until I reached that point.

She overcame her normal pattern of avoiding upsetting me. She was fully aware of how unhappy I was about being punished. I am supposed to be unhappy. If I’m not unhappy, then we are playing. She’s known this for a long time. There’s a mammoth gap between understanding how punishment should work and actually doing it to an unhappy husband.

My free ride is over.

Have I learned not to interrupt, even for a while? I’m not sure I have. I think that I will finally learn when I know that any infraction will be punished in a way I will hate. Consistent enforcement with punishments, unmistakably not play, is what I need to truly learn. Even when I realize that punishment is always something that will hurt and make me unhappy, I will still make mistakes. Each mistake will be greeted by an unpleasant punishment; not just a spanking that makes me yelp.

Today is punishment day. Mrs. Lion announced that on the Thursday punishment days I would get a maintenance spanking (and probably corner time). She said it would be the same as a punishment spanking because we both need the practice. I’m not looking forward to this evening’s activities.

I’ve said before that I don’t like to plan things anymore. One of the reasons is that if I make mention of something in a post and it doesn’t pan out, Lion eventually calls me out. However, there are occasions when I do follow through and nothing happens. That was the case last night.

In his defense, I don’t think Lion was very happy with me after I punished him for interrupting me. Actually, during the punishment he looked pissed. He kept telling me he’d had enough. Of course, what he thinks rarely matters. I don’t think his butt was too red by the time I stopped. It might have just been the fact that I “caught” him and punished him the same night it happened. His pride may have hurt more than his butt.

At any rate, about an hour after the punishment I went to snuggle with him (early enough this time) but he didn’t respond. I don’t know if he just wasn’t in the mood or if it was the result of the punishment. We were watching TV but, as Lion has said many times in the past, the remote does have a pause button. There’s nothing on TV that’s more important than his play time.

Yesterday Lion asked me to delay caging him while our company is here. That’s a valid request. I’ll even delay until after our camping trip. We’ll revisit the subject when we get back. He’s still on the fence about being caged anyway. We both are.

Tonight I’ll try playing with him again. Let’s see if I have better luck this time. I hope he doesn’t interrupt me or do anything else that requires punishment. We might just have a repeat of last night.

comparison of two chastity devices
On the left is my custom-made Jail Bird chastity device. The cage is 1-1/4 inches long. The inexpensive, Chinese cage on the right is a bit shorter, but costs a lot less. Click the image to visit the site selling that cage.

Over the last five years, my view about measuring for a male chastity device has changed dramatically. I’ve found that a short cage is much better than a longer one. Many guys would like to see for themselves. I’ve been keeping my eye out for an inexpensive Chinese cage that will allow you to experiment.

small chastity device on penis
This is how the tiny, Chinese cage looks on me. It looks like it hurts, but it doesn’t  Click the image to enlarge.

I finally found one! It’s less than $25 USD, shipping included (click the image to visit the site). You may wonder why I decided that this male chastity device is good for testing if it is so much shorter than my Jail Bird.

As you can see (Image, left), my urethra pokes out quite far. I also didn’t align it very well for the picture. The extra protrusion is actually a good thing. Peeing standing up without spraying like a lawn sprinkler is easy. A normal stream comes out.

my penis in Jail Bird Chastity Device
My Jailbird is roomier. It is certainly a better fit. Click image to view larger.

The reason this device makes sense for a test drive is that the cage diameter is almost the same as my Jail Bird’s. That, I discovered, is the key to a manageable fit. In my case, and many others I am told, a cage diameter of about 1-1/4 inches is sufficient. The idea is not to compress the head too much. That doesn’t mean it should be loose. The penis should always be in contact with both the sides and top of the cage. In my case, if I sit back in a chair, sometimes my penis actually recedes in the Jail Bird.

I’ve tried other very short Chinese cages. Invariably the cage diameter was much too narrow for me. Most are only an inch in diameter. Unless you’re super lucky,  I’m sure that this cage won’t be a perfect fit for you. But it should be good enough to wear for a week or two so you can try a short cage.

You may discover that like me, you’ll be happier, more secure, and more comfortable if you wear a much shorter cage.