One Man’s Trash

Sometimes I’m nice. Sometimes nice is a relative term. One man’s trash and all that. Lion knows what he wants. He thinks he knows what he wants. When he gets it he’s not so sure. Case in point: spanking. Lion is sure he wants discipline. He wants me to set rules and enforce them. Until I do. Then he gets pissed and glares at me.

It’s funny. When we did a maintenance spanking on Monday, I started off super slow. I was barely hitting him. I asked if he remembered how pathetic my swats were when we first started. He laughed. I don’t think my swats would have disabled a fly let alone killed it. I’ve gotten much better at spanking. Of course those were play spankings.

It’s not that punishment spankings are necessarily any harder than play spankings. In a real play spanking scenario you can work up to some very hard swats. The build-up to those swats is somewhat different. And there may be some breaks along the way. Usually I take some time to rub Lion’s sore buns a little when we’re playing. I’ve even bitten his sore buns. I’ve never gotten Lion to the extreme in a play spanking the way other people have.

As far as I know, no one has ever given Lion a punishment spanking. I’ve been starting out slowly lately. At his suggestion I’ve started announcing when the actual punishment will begin. The other night when he was pissed at being punished, he was really pissed that the punishment wasn’t over when I hadn’t even begun. I’m still not at the level that I probably need to be to really make an impact (pun intended) on Lion’s butt. I’m working on it though.

Tonight we’ll do another maintenance session which will be at punishment level. Maybe he won’t be so pissed because he’ll be expecting it. I hope.

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  1. He has to watch what he asks for.

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