Test Run

Last night we tried one of the plastic lock ties in the Jail Bird. It seemed to hold well. The cage was not prone to wiggling around. However, the tag with the number was very large. I suggested Lion try it for a bit with underwear and jeans on to see if the tag would be in the way.

While you couldn’t see the lock under his clothes, he could feel it. The final test was how a trip to the bathroom would be. That tag is just too big. It’s too bad because it held the cage closed with no movement. It is possible there’s a plastic lock out there that will be perfect but we’re running out of time to find it.

Never fear though. I can still lock Lion away in the nylon cage. He’s sure it shouldn’t stink too much in just a week. He can wash around it, just not as well as around the Jail Bird. Worst case scenario is that I’ll lock Lion in the Jail Bird and make sure he has an emergency key. The bottom line is that he will be locked up.

[Lion — We have some new seal candidates to try tonight. Stay tuned.]