sleeping lionIt’s after midnight and I’m sitting at my desk. The house is starting to cool off and I have some goose bumps. Mrs. Lion is snoozing quietly across the hall in our bedroom. The dog is snoring softly on the floor next to me. It’s a peaceful night in the country. I’m still wild. We’ve had a rough spring for allergy sufferers. I know my wild days are numbered. The Jail Bird sits quietly on my nightstand waiting to pounce and lock me in its embrace.

Maybe it’s the late hour. I’ve been thinking about the dual nature of our sex organs. The fun spots are located right in the middle of waste disposal system. Unappealing, but sensible if you think about it. By using the same openings for waste as for sex, the number of openings into our body is minimized. Any opening is an opportunity for disease.

The penis has two states and two functions. In the waste elimination mode, it is a soft, rather-short, flexible tube. When ready for sex, it’s longer and harder. Female sexual anatomy isn’t binary like males. The female urethra is just an opening in the vaginal area. It’s not involved with sex. We guys use the same plumbing to deliver sperm as we use to eliminate liquid waste. Our bodies have some clever systems to avoid mixing fluids. When fully aroused, urination is almost impossible. A full erection stops pee.

All this came up in my thoughts because a male chastity device takes advantage of this male, binary system. By locking the penis in a very short cage, erection is impossible and the penis is relegated to waste removal only. As many of us have discovered, our penises are very flexible when soft. They can be compressed to a near nub without discomfort or loss of urinary function. My flaccid penis likes to be about 2-inches long. It lives n a cage a bit over half that length.

It fits and it fits comfortably. Attempted erections only manage to inflate the erectile tissue inside my body, behind my penis; the root, so to speak. The penis itself tries to push out and forward, but has nowhere to go. This isn’t uncomfortable at all. It won’t wake me up and when I am awake, I feel the root getting hard, but nothing happening at the business end.

When I first started enforced chastity, I obsessed over the cage length. I measured myself over and over. My first jailbird was 2-1/2-inches long. The urethra almost never touched the bars. I did get the width right, and that turned out to be the most important measurement. It should be 1/4″ (6mm) narrower than your flaccid penis. The cage length can be an inch long. Mine is 1.25 inches (32mm) long and 1.25 inches (32mm) wide.

As long as you get the diameter right, you can order a 32mm Jail Bird and look and feel great. Please leave a comment with your short cage experiences. I’m off to bed.


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    Unfortunately I don’t have short cage experience to share, but I do have erect urination experience. It is a little more effort to pee when fully erect, but very possible. So those women who have been assured that he can’t pee when they are giving him oral sex have been fooled.

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