Time for Bed

“You seem happier now that the cage is back on,” Lion said as we were settling in for bed. Do I? What am I doing that makes me seem happier? He couldn’t answer that. Then he asked if I thought things were better with or without the cage. I said we decided the cage should be on a while ago. That wasn’t the answer he was looking for.

Why do we have to have these philosophical discussions when it’s time for bed? I’m trying to turn my brain off. I don’t want to initiate the launch sequence again. I’m either already half asleep and it wakes me up again or I’m struggling to fall asleep.

On the way to work this morning I was wondering why, if I really do seem happier, it couldn’t be because we made it through a weekend without Lion falling down the stairs or having to deal with kidney stone issues or the flu? Or maybe it’s because the sun has been out. Or a return to play with or without the cage being on. Or the sun. Or the fact that he’s able to help out more around the house because he hasn’t fallen down the stairs and isn’t dealing with kidney stone issues. Or the sun.

The other problem I have with these bedtime discussions is that sometimes Lion is looking for the truth about things and other times he wants the chastity/FLR version. At that hour I’m barely equipped to form a complete sentence let alone decide what version he’s looking for.

I also don’t spend an awful lot of time thinking about the cage. Some months ago we decided it should go back on. I decided that it will be on when I want it on and off when I want it off. Lion liked that idea. Recently he suggested it should be on except when I want to actively play with him. Apparently there’s no reason for him to take a shower without it. Ever. And he should have to travel with the nylon cage. I balked at both of those things.

If the cage is on when I want it on and off when I want it off then I should decide when it’s on or off. I mean, duh. Lion shouldn’t have a say in it. He can make suggestions and I can choose to employ them or ignore them. If I decide he’ll be wild from May 9 to May 27 then that’s what will happen. If I decide he won’t get unlocked from April 30 to May 4 then that’s what will happen. I don’t have any plans to do either of those things but it should be possible.

Ultimately, I am doing these things because Lion wants me to do them. But if I’m supposed to be in charge then I’m in charge. Your opinions, while usually welcome, are just opinions, Lion. It doesn’t matter why the cage is on. It’s on. And it will stay on until I want it off, for however long that is at any given time.


  1. Author

    I love it when you bare your teeth and roar at Lion. He sometimes needs to stop suggesting and let you be yourself.

  2. Author

    It’s clear, I think: Lion is happier with the cage on – maybe a lot – and he hopes that you are too…

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