Sunshine and Happiness

This morning I decided I wouldn’t write a post until I had something to talk about other than our lack of sleep and Lion’s lack of interest in sex. Yesterday I asked Lion at a little after 4 what his next move was in making dinner. He said things were set until about 6 or 6:15. By my count that gave us almost two hours to play. Plenty of time. As I was about to suggest he put on the blindfold I realized he was asleep. He slept until about 5. When I told him he fell asleep right before I decided to play with him he wondered why I waited so long in the day to play. Well it wasn’t too late. We had a window of almost two hours.

Anyway, today I made sure we didn’t get sidetracked. A little while after lunch I gave him the blindfold. He actually turned off the TV. That’s surprising. Lion’s TV is equivalent to my iPad. If he’s home the TV is on. Once he was blindfolded and in a comfortable position I brought out the new 100 pack of clothespins Lion bought a few weeks ago. Our clothespins get used to re-close potato chip bags and some of them break. Plus, we have some in the dungeon and in the camper. Our supply had dwindled. It was time for new ones.

I put the first two on his boobies. He hates that. He also hates that I call them boobies. Too bad. I’d already started to get Lion hard before I did anything. If I had any doubt about the blindfold’s power it was gone now. He was a very happy, horny boy. Thirty-five clothespins on his balls later I wouldn’t necessarily call him happier but he was still horny. And edging him was easier. (P.S. it is a bit more difficult to tell when he’s almost at the edge)

When I was all done edging him and the clothespins were off I decided to give him some oral action. He was definitely horny enough for a real orgasm even though he’d had a ruined orgasm Friday night. I didn’t take long. He was bucking at the end just to make sure I wasn’t going to stop. I had no plans to.

I will say that this afternoon’s festivities took somewhere along the lines of 30-40 minutes. We could easily have done it yesterday in the late afternoon.