Girl Scout Fun

Mrs. Lion’s ropecraft.

(Friday afternoon) It’s been cold with a little snow here. We rarely experience either. Our winters are consistently between 40 and 50 degrees. It snows a bit every couple of years. This past week the temperature has dipped into the twenties at night. It’s been a bit chilly here at home. Our heat isn’t able to handle really cold weather.

When we’re home, we’ve been spending a lot of time under the covers. It’s nice to hold hands while getting warm. Yesterday, Mrs. Lion brought an electric heater into the bedroom. Tonight is Box O’Fun night and it should be warm enough to play. If I don’t feel like playing or edging, for that matter, Mrs. Lion is willing to call the activities off. I did that on Thursday night. I  just didn’t have the energy to do anything. Tonight I expect to be ready and willing.

She mentioned in an earlier post that instead of the Box O’Fun she might just do ball bondage tonight. I think she likes her ropecraft. She also likes my balls. Tying them up is a chance to do two things she likes at the same time.

I like it too. When they are tightly tied, when she masturbates me, they bounce up and down. It feels good when they land against my perineum. If she’s going to let me ejaculate, she usually unties them first. Sometimes all that ball bouncing is too distracting and I just can’t reach the promised land.

Friday is only the fourth day since my last orgasm. I know that Mrs. Lion wants to give me a treat for doing laundry, but I would prefer to wait a bit more. Lately, I’ve been less than interested until I reach the fourth or fifth day. Mrs. Lion has been tempted to give me an orgasm when she can finally get me that aroused. I miss the edging sessions.

I’m sure Mrs. Lion will let you know later today what happens tonight.


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    I love tight ball bondage. My wife tied mine up yesterday, but released them fairly soon because she thought they were starting to look purple. I thought they were hardly getting red, but she is in charge!

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