Fits and Starts

Lion’s allergies have been acting up again. I need to vacuum more extensively to get rid of dust again. I also found out on Thursday that my son will be in the area starting tomorrow. He’ll be working so I won’t be able to see him until next weekend but, given that I haven’t seen him in over six years, I can wait another few days. But I need to clean the spare bedroom so he can stay with us for at least one night. Lots to do.

Because of his allergies, Lion hasn’t been as horny as he normally is. Yesterday he said he was horny and looking forward to last night’s ball tying adventure. He was hard. His balls were bouncing. But we didn’t get much further than that. Lion apologizes. I tell him he doesn’t need to apologize. Rinse and repeat. I just want to make him happy. If there’s something more I can do I just need him to tell me. I know he wanted me to just edge him last night with no possibility of an orgasm. I was willing to do that. I can restrain myself. Honest.

We’ll take another run at it tonight, maybe minus the ball tying. I left him wild. Why? I don’t know. I just wanted to. He’s going to clean the cage today. When we’re done with whatever we do tonight, even if it’s nothing, I’ll lock him back up. There will be no pressure to perform. I don’t think he’s any less of a man because, as he says, he’s “broken” any more than he thinks I’m less of a woman because my libido is gone. We’re just us and we do whatever we can to make each other happy. So far I’d say it’s working out just fine.