Makes Perfect Sense to Me

Lion is already up to eleven orgasms this year. To average an orgasm a week I’ll have to extend his wait times. Or, and I think he’ll like this idea better, I could go for a two-orgasm-a-week average. I could even throw out the whole idea of an average altogether and just concentrate on making sure he has more oral orgasms than hand jobs for the year.

Last night he had another oral orgasm. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to give him an orgasm last night but I know I’m behind in that category so I gave him one. I don’t exactly have to pace myself. The only thing Lion requires is a few days to recharge his batteries and he’s good to go.

When it came time to lock him back up again, I told Lion to put his ring on. He wondered how it became “his” ring. It’s simple. He puts the ring on and I put the cage on. The ring is his and the cage is mine. Together we lock him up. Maybe that sounds silly but we both have a stake in his chastity. Since we do most things together, why not this? It makes perfect sense to me.

Don’t get the idea that Lion has any say in when the cage comes off or goes back on. That’s all me. He’s just always had the responsibility of putting the ring on and taking it off. I only want to hurt weenie and the boys when I want to hurt them. I don’t want to pinch them by accident with the ring. It’s a fair division of labor that ends with us joined together. As it should.

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