Leave Nothing to Chance

I used Lion’s gift to me, the heart-shaped spoon. (this isn’t it)

I decided yesterday that I shouldn’t leave Lion’s night to chance. Rather than have him pick from the Box O’Fun and probably be stuck with the tiny little clothes pins, I’d guarantee him a play spanking. He’d get rosy Valentine’s cheeks with my new paddle. He was happy with that decision.

It’s been a long time since he’s had a play spanking. It is one of the selections that’s doubled or tripled up in the box but so far he’s been picking other things. Now that I’ve made sure he doesn’t get evil things, he’ll probably pick spanking on Friday. Oh well. He won’t argue with that. He loves being spanked.

Lion also got a Valentine’s orgasm. Yes I know, he got an orgasm the other day. [Lion — two days ago]  So? He certainly doesn’t mind getting them. The only problem I can see with it is that now I’m behind the eight ball as far as orgasm statistics are concerned. I wanted to give him more oral orgasms this year than hand jobs. The good news is that Lion has some more oral orgasms in his future. Lucky boy! [Lion — as of yesterday, it was 60% hand jobs and 40% oral]

I was bad after his orgasm. I looked at something on my iPad for one of our camping trips. I forgot to tell Lion to put his ring back on. He was a good boy and asked me if I wanted him locked up. I do. I want him locked up whether he wants to be locked up or not. He can grumble (within reason) but it won’t help him at all. The other night when he said he didn’t want to be locked up I told him it sounded like a personal problem to me. His wanting or not wanting to be locked up does not affect me. I’ve made my decision.