painful peggingThe thought occurs to me that Lion thinks too much. It’s possible he’s sabotaging himself. He may be so worried about my not getting any enjoyment out of the things we do that he can’t enjoy them either.

I’m not suggesting he should have enjoyed the figging and pegging yesterday. Mr. Weenie has reacted favorable in the past at times, but that doesn’t mean it always happens. And I really did a number on him this time. Actually, a few numbers. He expressed concern that I usually stop when he indicates he’s in pain. I don’t necessarily. In light of his concern, I decided to make an extra effort to convince him I don’t stop at the first sign of pain.

Once the big dildo was in and he was used to it (as much as he can be), I alternated between 50 short, quick strokes and 10 long, slow strokes. I saw him wincing so I know he was not having fun. Why did I decide 50 and 10? No idea. It just popped into my head so I did it. Did I have fun doing it? I wouldn’t call it fun but I figured it was a challenge for both of us as Lion suggested in his post. Can we top our high score of 50 short, quick strokes and 10 long, slow strokes next time? I guess we’ll find out.

I doubt his not being able to get hard can be blamed entirely on pegging or his overthinking. It’s quite possible he’s just in another slump. When we snuggle and he’s not aroused he tends to apologize to me. Maybe I should punish him when he apologizes. There’s really no need. I’d rather he tell me he’s not interested than having me try to no avail. I don’t want to make either one of us sore.

The bottom line is that I like doing things for him. It makes me happy to make him happy. I may not seem as receptive to playing sometimes but I think it’s normal for me to have slumps just like Lion has slumps. Of course his slumps make play impossible. Mine don’t have to.

[Lion – My slumps don’t make play impossible. My anus is always available to Mrs. Lion. I may not want a visit from the dildo, but that’s irrelevant.”]


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    Getting older is rough. My lack of youthful rock hard erection does not necessarily mean that I am not into what she is doing. My wife has even made me orgasm while flacid. As my erections become less a sure thing I also am happy to make my anus always available for being fucked. The new order of things.

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      My anus is available to Mrs. Lion, of course. Maybe one day I will learn to enjoy being fucked. In the meantime, it is nice part of our play.

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