Another Weekend

I think we might have played in the sling last night if our dog hadn’t had a seizure. I had to get her cleaned up and clean the floor and then dinner was late. Life conspired against us. However, another weekend is upon us and I’m sure we’ll find time to play in the sling in the next two days.

Lion is at the last of his doctor appointments of the week. He took the last of his steroids days ago but he’s started to itch again. I think it’s time to change the bed. I’m hoping this doctor will have some idea about stopping the itching, short of getting rid of the dog. As long as Lion doesn’t need to be inside a giant plastic bubble we should be able to deal with it.

I probably have to manscape Lion. Before I do that, I want to get him with some menthol rub. He bought some really evil stuff. Silly boy. He should know I’ll use it eventually. Why keep buying meaner and meaner stuff? Perhaps I need to make a rule about buying things like that. Maybe I should make rules about buying anything related to play. I need a chance to catch up. Maybe if I use them more often he won’t be so quick to buy things. Wouldn’t it be nice to have fiery balls? *singe* Oh. Maybe not.

It’s interesting to me that he hates the things I’ve bought. Those tiny little dollhouse clothespins and Velcro are among the things he whines about when I bring them out. He’ll plead with me not to use them. But I can whomp his butt all day long. I know he hates punishment swats but maybe the dollhouse clothespins are a more effective form of punishment. He certainly won’t interrupt if he knows those little bastards will be clamped down on the head of my weenie. Perhaps it’s time to change tactics.