Adding A Ground Rule

After nearly four years the game has gotten much more serious. Mrs. Lion has truly morphed into Lioness 2.0. She’s made an obvious shift in her sexual control of me. I don’t want to get carried away and say that things will be totally different for me. She hates those sweeping statements. But I will say that I think there is a true change in her direction.

This all centers around when I get to ejaculate. In the past, I had a lot of control. No, I couldn’t just request or demand to ejaculate, but she would often give me an orgasm when I appeared sufficiently desperate. Other times she would give me one before I really wanted it. But, all in all, my heat had a lot to do with her decisions.

Now she is trying something new. First, she decided that my wait this time would be a minimum of 21 days. That’s nearly my longest wait to date. The record was 22 days when I had shoulder surgery and had little interest in sex for most of that time.

2.0 knows that I have never had to wait this long when I wanted release the entire time. That’s relevant to us because it gives her a standard that she knows will be extremely difficult for me. My waits have been growing in length for a while. The longest recent wait was 12 days. I figured this wait would be an even two weeks. I was wrong.

I’m starting to feel grumbly about the extra week. That’s a good thing for our game. I don’t want to wait that long. So what? 2.0 doesn’t care. The fact is the wait can be longer this time. She wants to see if I lose interest in sex. If I do, she wants to see if she can easily resurrect my heat.

I have no idea what she will do with this information, but it is great that she is holding me off because she wants to. Her stated reason is purely for her own curiosity. It’s all her!

The other significant change is her decision to punish me if I do grumble or get pushy. That’s certainly a strong, control message to me. Her punishments are very real and painful.

I do have a suggestion for her. I know, there I go. I just can’t shut up. Actually, I think she already has this idea. My suggestion is that there is a “possible orgasm” day. It looks like that is Saturday, since that was the day of my last ejaculation. It’s also a day we don’t have to work or go to sleep early.

In her post yesterday, she did say if the wait doesn’t end on the 21st day, it might go to 28 days. I know she doesn’t like the idea of being limited to anything specific, but having assigned days for things adds more “interest” to the game. For me, knowing that if ejaculation didn’t occur on Saturday means I have to wait another week before it is even possible has a lot of impact.

The idea that it might be tomorrow takes some of the suspense out of the game for me. Requiring it on a specific day of the week also gives Mrs. Lion a framework for our game as well. I think of it as a ground rule. It is a difficult one for sure. But I think we need structure here.

We both do better if we start out with specific guidelines. Punishment days (Monday and Thursday) were established to assure things wouldn’t just be allowed to slide and not be addressed. Orgasm Day has the potential to help with the discipline needed to enforce chastity when I am clearly tired of the wait.

I don’t think this needs to go on forever, but right now we both need that discipline. So, if I don’t get to ejaculate on the 21st day, I’ve got another week before I can even hope for release. I think that enhances things. It’s a way to put structure around variable wait times without requiring 2.0 to actually schedule releases.

What do you think, Mrs. Lion.


  1. Author

    Our “lifestyle” (my wife hates that word, at least in this context) has evolved somewhat differently. First, my waits are generally at least a week, but often that’s it. Frequently, though, they’re longer, sometimes by a lot (at least from my perspective). The big difference is that she almost never gives me a clue when she might be thinking of unlocking me.

    Sometimes, after a couple of weeks and if it’s an opportune time (not too much work, not too tired, etc.), I think “this must be the time”. Sometimes I’m right, but more often I’m not. I know that I’ll not be unlocked if she starts to tease me (at least somewhat because it becomes impossible to remove the cage while I’m engorged). Occasionally, though, she’ll get into bed holding the key. It’s very interesting to me how I’ve become conditioned to feel so much raw joy when I see that.

    1. Author

      We all develop different styles. I almost never get hard in my cage. Mrs. Lion would unlock me for any penile recreation. Now I am unlocked (wild) so I am able to get hard on my own. But I am not allowed to masturbate, of course. Playing with myself is forbidden and punishable.

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