Three Ways To Make His Submissive Dreams Come True

lion's shaved genitals
I love the way I look when hairless. I can’t explain why, but I do. Mrs. Lion can tease me about it. She can also refer to my small penis.

I always like the way it feels after a thorough manscaping. Mrs. Lion did a complete job on Sunday. It always includes both shaving and treatment with the light pulse device. This device is successful in permanent hair removal after several months of treatment. Now, her shaving tasks are much reduced.

My pubic hair will never fully grow back. The entire area above my penis is laser-denuded permanently. No hair returns there. I am very happy that I made that commitment. At one time I was embarrassed about. the lack of pubic hair. When I could, I would let it grow back before seeing a doctor.

At some point I just got past being shy about it. I don’t think there is anything feminine or childish about my condition. I also don’t consider it a sign of submission. I spent ten years with a live-in slave and for that entire time I had no pubic hair.

The reason I bring this up is that it seems a lot of guys like to find what they think are symbols of their submission. As I’ve been writing lately, women don’t see these things the same way. It simply doesn’t matter to most women whether or not you have pubic hair. Some women prefer hair, others like skin. But either way, they don’t spend much time thinking about fur.

That’s the point.

What is?

There are things that many males, me definitely included, find deeply symbolic that have no particular importance to women. These male idiosyncrasies provide you, his partner, with amazingly powerful ways to enhance his power exchange experience. I’m not claiming that all guys share the same kinks that I do, but I know it’s easy to discover what works for your partner.

Here are suggestions that come from me and my kinks. I think that they apply with a little adjustment to most guys.

  1. Reinforce and enhance kinks. For example, drawing attention to my hairless weenie and butt in the context of my submission is both arousing and reinforcing. It’s easy to do and keep doing. And, it works; even on me. Frequent reference to it is a strong stimulus. That’s the odd thing about all this stuff. Even though I am writing the “handbook” I am still vulnerable to the things I am writing about.
  2. Develop kinks that make him feel a little embarrassed. Reference to his “little” weenie, making him wear female underwear (don’t forget the bra), and of course, body shaving, all give you a lot of fodder. Aside from making him do these things, you can make frequent verbal references to what he is doing.
  3. Make things he likes into stronger symbols of his submission. For example, I like my pubic hair shaved. I also like my chest hairless. But how would I feel about shaved legs and pits too? Only one way to find out. Don’t just do it, talk about it. Make it more embarrassing. If I like wearing women’s underwear, which I don’t, add more, a lot more. Magnify what works for him. Shaved legs look good in stockings. Right? Take a picture. It’s good to save memories.

These suggestions require embracing his kinks and using them to keep him off balance. By the way, locking him in a chastity device is a great way to show your control. But that’s not enough.

The key is to use these things. Refer to his kinks. Tease him about them. Tell him he looks cute in (fill in the kink). If he is in women’s undies, tell him he is a cute little girl. You get the idea. Mrs. Lion can do this and also post pictures of me, like the one in this post, in her daily report.

The same is true of spanking. Only a little “boy” or “girl” gets spanked. Right? It’s true if you say it is.

We’ve established that the primary reason a woman does all this stuff with her partner (or a guy with his partner, right Drew? 🙂 ) is because he wants it, maybe needs it. In the beginning, all you have to do is initiate the kink: cage him, panty him, spank him, etc. But over time that will fade into the background.

A chastity device, I think, is a great permanent part of a guy’s life. But he needs to be reminded why he is locked up. His internal fantasy needs regular feeding. Maybe it was a mistake to allow me to be wild. It’s got nothing to do with a risk I will do some secret masturbating, though if I were the keyholder, I would make a continuous big deal about the “need” for the device to avoid “accidents”. It’s all about the power exchange.

I made a serious mistake when I started “needing” Mrs. Lion to truly believe in the things that turn me on. I want her to enjoy all this stuff. But like most women, Mrs. Lion doesn’t share the same “symbols” as I. I should be happy and grateful she wants to play my game. I am happy about it. But, if she wants to play, she needs to really play.

Of course, this is a game for two. While it is often impossible to get a guy to articulate what works for him, you can experiment to discover his weak points. Remember, the idea is that he won’t like what you do or make him do. If he likes it, it won’t really do the job.

I think this works for me. I’m pretty sure it will work for almost every submissive guy. Action and words are the keys to dominating him the way he wants. Remember, he asked for it.



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