punishment board
This is the camper version of the punishment stool, complete with welcome mat.

We are on the coast. We’re supposed to have sunny days throughout our stay. It my not be the heat wave they’re having back in Seattle but we win because we are on vacation.

It’s true I’ve been annoyingly tired lately. However, I just discovered it may be because I’ve stupidly forgotten to take one of my medications. Unfortunately, that medication is home and I can’t do much about it right now. But it’s a giant load off my mind if that is, in fact, the answer.

Today we’ll go exploring. We’ve been here quite a few times so it’s a little difficult to find new things to do, but we’re game. And Lion will be in a pretty thong I told him to bring. Well, I told him to bring some panties. I have no idea which ones he brought. I assume he brought the thongs because they tend to stay up better than his other panties. Whatever he brought, his buns will be pretty.

Lion is concerned about playing in some capacity this weekend. I understand that. I don’t have the best track record when it comes to playing while we’re away. Or any other time, for that matter. My goal today is to nap if I need to (I am on vacation after all) so I can be awake enough to put Lion through his paces.

Several years ago, we took a board and put the rough tread stuff on it. The idea was that Lion would sit on it with his freshly-whomped buns. It never really worked out well. However, once we got the punishment stool and equipped it similarly, I remembered about the board.

Initially we were going to get another stool. One for the house and one for the camper. The board is a better idea. First of all, we already have it. Second, a board is easier than the stool to stow in the camper. Win win.

I even cut a strip from the leftover welcome mat so I have a choice of how mean I want to be. Now I just have to sit back and wait for Lion to slip up so I can test out the board. If I could take bets on how long that will be, I could be a very rich woman.

We began our vacation today. Mrs. Lion drove our truck and trailer to the seashore. We are parked in a RV park abutting the beach. We are in for sun every day we are here. This isn’t usually the case on the Northwest Pacific coast. Trade winds blow clouds in from the ocean nearly the year round. The temperature will be in the 70’s every day and the 60’s at night.

Before we left home, Mrs. Lion reported being tired. She hasn’t been sleeping comfortably lately. When she’s tired, she tends to be a bit forgetful and is not in a mood for play. I’m trying to help by remembering my rules. For example, I put the training collar on yesterday morning without prompting. I didn’t mention it to Mrs. Lion until we were out for dinner last night.

She did remember to pack some toys. She packed our Silk dildo and a paddle I made years ago. I added the hard rubber paddle and the “hairbrush” paddle as well. If she decides to play or discipline me, she has good choices. All work very well over her lap. The couch in the trailer is long enough for me to be positioned that way.

Last night we didn’t play. I didn’t think we would. Our track record for activities when in our trailer isn’t very positive. On our first trip this year, I had my first OTK spanking. On the first night, I am optimistic. We are very well equipped for fun. We have under-the-mattress restraints. While my shoulder isn’t ready for bondage, my legs are fine and would hold me in position perfectly well. Will we try? I hope so.

I also wonder what the next five days will bring in terms of discipline. Will Mrs. Lion be energetic enough to note and punish infractions? I’m cautiously optimistic. We’ve covered this ground before. Of course, now is very different from the past. We have substantial history under our belts.

I think that we need practice. Mrs. Lion has never pulled down my pants and underpants to spank me. It’s true that I’m usually naked when we are alone, but even figuratively we’ve rarely had impromptu discipline.

It is difficult in real life to just spank me in the middle of other activities. I don’t have serious expectations that Mrs. Lion will drop what she is doing, grab a paddle, and remind me of my error. If that happens it will be very surprising to me.

I’m not really asking for that. I don’t think that many people live that way. I am asking for observation of my sins and prompt, not instant response. Greedy lion that I am, I hope we can just play. Maybe, if I am very lucky, I will get an orgasm too.

As you probably guessed, Mrs. Lion didn’t post yesterday because we were on the road. I’m sure you will hear from her later.