Waiting For The Ride To Start Again

This is the B&B Carousel in Brooklyn’s Coney Island. My father and I rode this many times. I took my kids there too.

This is a difficult time for me. The nature of my job has been changed and it is in an area that is completely unfamiliar to me. I’m getting more familiar, but it isn’t what I particularly like to do. However, it isn’t boring. Naturally, I feel the stress of radical change like this. It probably has a lot to do with my current sexual lull.

I do my best to leave work at the office, but I’m absolutely horrible at it. Mrs. Lion does a much better job stuffing her feelings from work. In many ways, she has it much worse than I do. She works for an unprofessional, unqualified boss in a small business. That often leaves her frustrated and angry at the stupidity she has to handle.

I don’t have that problem. I work in a highly professional company that is the envy of people who know us. I am not being mistreated. I get a great deal of respect and what I am doing in my new role is critical for the success of a very large division. So, I’m not whining. I’m just don’t want to let people down.  How’s that about talking about other areas of my life?

I had a flu shot late last week. I think my sore throat and rundown feeling is a reaction to the vaccine. Then, over the weekend a crown fell out of my mouth.  It’s just more piled on. Oh yes, my annual review is this week as well. That’s enough whine for me. If you wondered what our day-to-day lives are like, now you know.

Having gotten all this off my chest, I must say that all the woes above are trivial in the course of a life. None affect our ability to survive. All are temporary and trivial. I classify the above as lion whining. If this is the worst I have to handle, I will consider myself super lucky. So, if Mrs. Lion’s weenie is limp for a few more days, the worst that will happen is we will have less to write about. I hope you will continue reading our posts. You never know when the merry-go-round will start up again.