A Snowy Hill

woman pushing car
No matter how hot the stimulation, I just can’t get over that hill.

Monday night, after a day in panties and encouraging signs of life in my penis, nothing, not even the Magic Wand, could bring me to the edge. Yes, I got hard and it felt good, but not good enough. This is exactly what happened last week when Mrs. Lion tried to edge me. This is really disappointing. I’m stuck. This has happened a couple of times before over the last four years. When it does, eventually we work it out.

Some people consider this a good thing. It’s almost the ideal state for a chaste male. He has the ability to get erect which permits him to provide sexual service and an available erection to torture without the risk of making a mess. It truly depersonalizes the penis. It’s now useful to its owner (not the male) and completely unrewarding to the male carrying it. I don’t want to be that way and I know Mrs. Lion isn’t a fan of it either.

I have no idea what causes this condition. It it were a food, we could make a chastity pill. Just think, feed your male one a day and he loses the ability to ejaculate. He still gets aroused and hard, but no matter how hard he tries, no orgasm. From a fantasy perspective this sounds very cool. The reality is something else.

As I think back, I’ve been stuck before in the distant past. In one case, my partners told me that women have similar issues at times. Arousal just stops at a specific point. It doesn’t go away with continued stimulation, but it refuses to continue to climb to orgasm. This isn’t unlike a car trying to climb a snowy hill. It gets a good start at the bottom and surges up the slippery slope. As it climbs, it goes slower and slower until it stops and starts sliding back down. That describes my male version of being stuck.

In the past, being stuck disappeared as suddenly as it arrived. There was no warning. The snow melted enough for me to get to the top. There’s no way to predict the thaw. Frustrating!

I tried a boner pill. All it does is make it easier for Mrs. Lion to get me hard. After that, no matter what she tries, my erection just stands there while I get more and more frustrated. She doesn’t like me to be frustrated this way. I think she blames herself. It isn’t her fault. Also, while I am aroused by wearing panties and diapers, that’s not the root cause of my problem. They turn me on and make the erection easier to achieve, but I’m still stuck.

I’m sitting by the side of the road hoping for that road to thaw.

Guess what? We had a late thaw last night. After I wrote this post, Mrs. Lion brought out her deicer. As suddenly as it began, I became “unstuck”. She tied up my balls and went to work. She edged me a couple of times and then brought me over the top. Go figure!

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