While the Lion’s Away

My better half is on the east coast. Travelling is rough on both of us. The day he leaves, we get up at 4 am so he can get to the airport with plenty of time for him to check his bag and make it through security. Consequently, we’re exhausted at the end of the day. Obviously we recover fairly quickly and a few days later Lion is home. In the meantime we’re both alone and hating it.

Since I’m the play-by-play reporter, I don’t have much to talk about  while Lion is away. I always make a lot of plans. I’ll clean this, finish this project, read that book, etc. I rarely get to do them all. However, this time I do have a few projects I really want to work on. The first is getting the welcome mat cut to fit the top of the punishment stool. I have an idea of how I’ll strap it onto the stool. I just need the parts. I have the mat all marked out. Now I need to cut it. I also want to get started on the princess and the pea cushion. The one I’ll take the stuffing out of and replace with beads or whatever other hard-to-sit-on items I find.

Lion did very well Sunday night when I pegged him. I was able to move the dildo in and out further and much faster than the night before. It’s certainly easier because of the smoothness of the dildo. I think it was a good choice for the first round of pegging. We’ll continue with it for the foreseeable future. Even when we move to the Rodeoh. Once Lion gets used to the size and motion, we can try for texture.

I’m not sure I care so much about fisting him anymore. Perhaps we’ll get to a point that he is able to handle it, but I’m more interested now in being consistent. I didn’t mention it the other day but I did put Lion in panties. Can’t let him forget he has a pretty side. Each time we add something new I struggle to maintain things. It’s so easy for me to let things fall by the wayside. I’m going to do my best to keep Lion on his toes.