I’m in the humid, blistering Southeast now. I’ll be here, away from Mrs. Lion the rest of the week. I always miss her terribly when I’m away. Any sort of sexual expression I’ve left behind with Mrs. Lion. That’s fine with me. I’m here on business and have a lot to do. I’m a wild lion this week. My chastity device is gathering dust on the West Coast.

It’s times like this, separated by distance and time zones, that I think even more than usual, about how lucky I am to have found my lioness. We sometimes growl at each other a bit, but it’s never more than some small misunderstanding. She would be with me now, but she doesn’t have available time off from her job. Too bad. Last fall she traveled with me and we had a great time. I hope we can do it again in a month or two. Meanwhile, I will focus on work and spend my evenings thinking about the naughty things we do together.

We have both been focusing on anal play over the last several days. It’s our pattern. As we move into a new or renewed area in our fun, we both focus and report on our process of learning and adopting the practice. We’ve also got a pattern of starting, then stopping, and then accepting an activity. The only exception was enforced chastity. We started that and never looked back.

I like to plunge headlong into a new practice. I talk (and write) a good game. But when it comes to actually doing things, we proceed more cautiously. Part of it is Mrs. Lion’s need to understand how to do things. Another, perhaps even bigger part, is my realization that the activity is a lot harder to take than I thought.

Consider spanking. Not very long after we met, I asked Mrs. Lion to spank me. She started off so gently, I could hardly feel her hand touching me. It didn’t take very long before she had me yelping. Then spanking stopped. It just faded away. Part of the issue was Mrs. Lion and I losing a lot of our physical intimacy. We stopped playing entirely for years.

Then, along came enforced chastity. I rediscovered it after nearly a decade of thinking about it. I found some inexpensive Chinese devices. I ordered a couple. One seemed wearable. I asked Mrs. Lion if she would lock me up. She agreed. After a fairly short trial, we agreed we wanted to continue it indefinitely. And we have.

We started the blog. This allows me to explore my kinky side. I proposed spanking as punishment. Once again, Mrs. Lion agreed. I have a lot of spanking experience; mostly giving. I wanted to make punishment different from play. So, I suggested that the spanking be very hard swats right from the first.  So, that’s what Mrs. Lion did. Spankings never went more than a few swats before I couldn’t take any more. Thanks to my reading of Julie’s blog, I learned that a punishment spanking is almost the same as one for play. The main difference is that the punishment spanking goes on a lot longer and harder than the one for play.

Three things happened: First, we got used to the idea of spanking and tried it. Second, we found a reason for me to be spanked, And, third Mrs. Lion learned an effective technique. Now, just like my chastity device, spanking is a permanent part of our lives.

Mrs. Lion and I have played with anal toys for a long time. My acquaintance with them has been mostly with butt plugs. We were never very regular about anal play. Mrs. Lion would do it for a while, then it would drop off the radar. At one point in the past, we considered pegging. I bought a harness. It never really worked. Then, after we began enforced chastity, pegging came back for a while. But it was limited to a dildo in Mrs. Lion’s hand. It wasn’t attached to a harness.

That stopped shortly after starting. Then butt plugs came out for a while too. That stopped as well. We’ve started again. This time Mrs. Lion is taking a longer view. Her “goal” in the past was to be able to fist me. She never got too far with that. Now, the objective is for me to be pegged with or without her Rodeo harness. She is being much more methodical. She started with the Tantus Silk dildo. It’s 1-1/2 inches in diameter and 7 inches long. I had no real problem taking it.

As she’s written, over time, she plans to use larger dildos with more texture. Texture and a realistic head are much harder for me to handle.  She will teach me to take them. I know I will feel a lot of discomfort as I learn. I also know that once I get comfortable, she will up the thickness so I can learn once again. Who knows? Maybe one day her hand will find it’s way up there too. One thing for sure is that she will never let me get too comfortable. That would spoil the game.