Weekend Non-Plans

Here we are at another weekend. On the one hand it marks the end of a long week and I’m glad to have two full days to spend with Lion. On the other hand I always plan to do a lot of things on my weekend and I never seem to get very far through the list. One big item on this list is Lion. I plan and plan to play with him but it rarely happens.

Not that we don’t play. It’s just not as elaborate as I envision it being. We’re tired or run out of time. He can’t get in the sling yet. One of us isn’t feeling up for X, Y or Z.

Last weekend we did a lot of shopping and then I just sat my butt down and didn’t want to move. Lion did too. Neither one of us was motivated to do much. To make matters worse we’re coming into football season. I could spend all day Sunday watching football. I don’t care who’s playing. It’s rare that I can’t find someone to root for or against. It’s just another way to waste time.

Lion doesn’t like when I don’t follow through on something I suggest in a post. He’d rather be surprised if I actually do it. I can’t understand that. Lately I’ve just been promising punishments that I know I’ll actually do. Still, I may decide to delay them because one of us isn’t feeling well.

I can promise that if Lion’s allergies permit, he will go back in the cage at some point this weekend. The MRI is done. The only excuse now is allergies. I can also promise that there will be snuggling. That’s a safe bet on most days. We usually hold hands while we watch television. Snuggling also depends on the allergy situation. And my achiness.

I’m sure we’ll make some time to play but I won’t commit to exactly when or how. I don’t want to disappoint Lion.