I Want To Be Tamed. That’s My Secret

I had a post written for this morning. I wrote it yesterday afternoon. It was all about whether chastity is rational if I had no libido. I concluded that it still worked since enforced chastity isn’t so much about sex as it is about control. All that is true. I suppose with some editing, that post would still work. But then, after her shower last night, Mrs. Lion said it was time for my spanking.

I replied, “Didn’t you write in your post that you would think of an alternative punishment?”

“Did I think of one?” she responded.


She walked to her paddle rack and selected a leather paddle. It’s medium-weight and can be a lot of fun in a play spanking. I noticed her selection and felt a little less concerned about what was to happen.

She did a nice job of warming me up. Mixed in with medium swats were some real stingers. I yelped each time one landed. Eventually, she stopped and returned her paddle to its place.”Time to stand in the corner,” she announced. I sighed audibly. I got up and moved to the corner. She muted the TV and told me to stay. I said I would.

She went to the kitchen to take care of some chores. I stood there looking at the wall.

The strangest thing happened. I could feel a stirring. I looked down and my penis was slightly hard. Wait a minute! It’s been a week since I got an erection and now I get one because I am standing in the corner? No, that’s not how it’s supposed to work.

I know what you’re thinking. You think I got hard because I’m really submissive and that erection was unmistakable evidence of it. No, that isn’t the case at all. I’m not submissive by a long shot. If you don’t believe me, ask Mrs. Lion. What I am is…complicated.

I spent my corner time contemplating that semi-erection. What exactly does it mean? I wasn’t a bit horny when Mrs. Lion told me to roll over for my spanking. I was absolutely not thinking about sex when she finished. But yet, not five minutes into corner time I was sporting the beginning of a woody. I realized I had to write a new post. I had enough time to consider what was going on.

Eventually, Mrs. Lion released me from the corner. We had some watermelon and then snuggled. I told her about my resurrected penis. She began fondling it. It responded. It didn’t take very long for me to sport a full erection. She edged me a few times and observed that things were working fine. Then she took me in her mouth and I had a great orgasm. Son of a bitch! I’m not broken.

If I’m not submissive, how do I explain my reaction to being punished? The answer is simple: I get turned on when I feel that I am controlled. That is very different from wanting to submit. It’s almost the opposite. I want control taken from me. Tie me up. Spank me. Make me stand in the corner. I want to feel your power over me. That’s the turn on.

Of course. My sexual fantasies have always contained an element of being forced. Submitting is just the opposite. I want rules that are enforced by punishments that force me to obey. I don’t live to obey. I have a dominant personality. Mrs. Lion knows that. Now, so do you.


  1. Author

    Ha ha! You have a funny definition of “submissive”. Take my word for it, lion, you ARE a submissive. Any fella with a spanked bottom standing in the corner because his wife made him is a submissive, by definition!

    1. Author

      Um….it’s hard to deny when I am standing in the corner. I certainly am during the time I am spanked and in the corner. The rest of my life, not so much. 🙂

  2. Author

    I totally agree on the desire for being controlled. I don’t like doing things when someone tells me to or because I have to. But I love it when I am “forced” or “controlled” by my wife. I will happily do housework for her, but what really gets me going is not being asked nicely, but told with an attitude. I wear panties because I want to be sexy, but crave to be made to do so by my wife.

    1. Author

      Hear here.

  3. Author

    Correct! It’s all about control and submission. I submitted the key to my device to my wife a few weeks ago and we both love it, more than we thought we would. I’ve gotten to where I jump eagerly when she tells me me to please her orally. She orgasms and loves me for it, while my limp cock tingles in anticipation. We’ve only been doing it for a few weeks and I seem to be more submissive/devoted to her every day. Plus, I love the running tally of your last orgasm! Mine was 8/7/17, and I had to masturbate in front of her after pleasuring her orally. Great fun!

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