Just Keep Moving

lioness huntin
Lion wants to be the prey; at least some of the time.

Lion may have opened a can of worms with his post this morning. As a submissive male, he’s really in no position to demand I suck his cock. In reality, except for when he was a dominant in a scene, it’s not in his nature to demand things like that anyway. If we were not in a power exchange, he’d ask me nicely.

As to what my reaction would be to his demand? I’d be happy to do it. Actually, I’d be more likely to demand he move over on the bed so I can suck him. But I don’t usually demand things. I know. I can. I should. But I don’t. The bottom line is that I wouldn’t take it as a demand from him. Of course, I also like when he bucks into me when I’m sucking him or jerking him off. Isn’t that a form of demand too? [Lion – I think it’s a form of begging] I know I’m new to the whole humiliation thing, but I don’t want Lion to become a sissy and I don’t think he’s in any danger of doing so. Just because I put him in panties from time to time, it doesn’t mean he’s on his way to becoming feminine. I haven’t castrated him. He’s the same old Lion albeit in frilly panties.

Lion is still the same stubborn, growling person when he’s at work regardless of whether he has panties on or not. When he comes home he wants to be less in charge. It’s almost like taking a vacation from the decisions and hassle of being in charge. It may be more work on his part to be submissive. He’s got to fight the desire to make decisions.

Likewise, it’s more work for me to be dominant. When I’m at work I can just throw my hands up and let others decide. It’s less pressure that way. At home I have to remember Lion’s rules in case he breaks them. I have to decide how to punish him. I make the decisions about how or when we’ll play.

Obviously this doesn’t mean Lion makes no decisions once he gets home. I don’t have carte blanche to rule his life. I don’t make all the decisions. He’d like me to make more, but I need to take baby steps. Usually one step forward and two steps back. The trick is to keep moving.


  1. Author

    For me, when my husband’s my bitch he’s my bitch. When he’s my husband, he’s my husband, when I need a little man-loving, he’s my macho man. They all co-exist. One does not bleed into and impact the others.

  2. Author

    I haven’t advanced to the point of thinking of Lion as my bitch. He’s my Lion.

    1. Author

      I’m wearing panties and she spanks me, not to mention stuffing things up my butt. Not sure what it means to be a bitch.

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