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Perhaps in Lion’s blindfolded future

I wasn’t feeling well again last night but I managed to recover in time to edge Lion and lock him back up. I’d forgotten to lock him up Tuesday night. He had one more day of freedom. No longer. Today he’s in his regular undies and cage. I have no desire to put him in panties every day.

I’m not even sure about the bra he has. I don’t know how he feels about it. Does it humiliate him? Does he think it just looks stupid and doesn’t get anything out of it? When he tried it on for me I told him he must like it because his booby nipples were hard. He just rolled his eyes.Tonight maybe Lion will get to enjoy the Njoy butt plug. I don’t really think enjoy is the correct word, but you know what I mean. We need to get back into anal play whether the goal is to fist him or not. He likes having things up his butt. Well, he likes the idea of having things up his butt. When I had my colonoscopy he said he’s had much bigger things up his butt than a scope. I have too. The difference is that I like the bigger things that have been up there. A scope, not so much.

We’ll have to try to find time this weekend for play too. Despite all our talk about punishment and panties, I’d like to get back to basics. Yes, punishment is important. But just playing is important too. That’s why I gave Lion a play spanking the other night. He loves to be spanked. Why limit it to punishment?

I don’t think he’s up to using the sling or even being tied to the bed yet, but I can do other things for him. In the past I’ve put him in a collar and affixed his hands to the collar and strapped his feet together. He wasn’t bound to an actual object but he wasn’t going anywhere. And, of course, there’s the blindfold. Who knows, I might actually put the menthol rub on him this time while he’s blindfolded.

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    As long as you don’t mix up the menthol rub with the lube for Mr Lions butt plug . That may be too much for his butt to stand

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