What Have I Wrought?

embarrassed manAs almost everybody warned me, I need to be very careful what I ask Mrs. Lion to do to me. Up until now, things have been largely predictable (by me). Mrs. Lion’s enthusiasm for punishment, chastity, domestic discipline, and FLR have been growing at a steady, manageable pace. She is slowly assuming the control I asked her to take. Eventually, she will take more than I asked. I know that and will deal with it as it happens.

Then I mentioned humiliation. I went on to talk about panties and bras as particularly humiliating. Mrs. Lion is positively excited about cross dressing me. She’s written post after post about her plans for me. It took her years to spend any time at all in chastity and spanking blogs. She’s put in hours looking at cross dressing shopping sites. I’m in for a wild ride.

I have no real interest in dressing as a woman. I think this is the force driving Mrs. Lion’s efforts. It’s a painless (for her) way to exercise real control over me. She finds it funny too. I’m not complaining. Well, I am in a way. This is all her and I am going to do what she wants.

After I get paid, I expect she will be ordering more feminine stuff for me to wear around the house. She’s been talking about a fake-fur trimmed, pink robe with matching pink, furry, open-toed slippers. Shudder! I thought having my toenails painted was bad. Ha!

I know. You’re thinking, “Stop whining, Lion. You asked for this.” Did I? I did. It’s part of the game. Interestingly, Mrs. Lion isn’t the only wife who enjoys forced feminization for her husband. I find it all over the Net. It’s not surprising. It’s a fun, reasonably easy way to torture your man.

Since we have both been writing a lot about cross dressing me, you may think that our focus is on getting me into panties and bra. It isn’t. I still have punishment days, spankings, rules, and of course, being locked into a chastity device. It’s just that forced cross dressing is new and hasn’t been integrated into our lives yet.

It’s easy to become one-dimensional to you. After all, enforced chastity, FLR, and domestic discipline doesn’t occupy us 24/7. We tell you the fun, interesting stuff relating to these topics. The bigger parts of our lives aren’t relevant here.

I have to admit that Mrs. Lion has me worried. I never thought beyond being made to wear panties. The idea of a bra came in recently from Julie’s blog. She positively loves to embarrass her husband. Apparently, Mrs. Lion is a lot like her.

The thing about  a power exchange is that I can start things off with suggestions to Mrs. Lion, but I have absolutely no control over what happens after that. I will be surprised to find out. In this case, there is not doubt it will be embarrassing.


  1. Author

    “Ordering”? Mrs. Lion should take you panty shopping in person. It’s a real rush. You can start small by going to a shop and not having sales help, but holding the panties up to him for size, and then making him pay for them on the way out. Or… if they do want to help, they are usually very, very ok with it. I have NEVER had a bad experience with a sales lady in a lingerie shop. They think it’s fun when a wife is doing this to her mate!

    1. Author

      My spincter tightened when I read your comment. We are new to forced cross dressing. I’m truly nervous about this.

    2. Author

      I’m not sure who would be more embarrassed. (He would of course, but I’d be a close second.) I have no plans to take him shopping but 2.0 always gets bright ideas without consulting me. Sort of like Lion does

      1. Author

        One of the tricks to going through with it and minimizing your own embarrassment is to just tell the sales lady the absolute truth. “Hi! This is my husband. I’m really sorry to bring you into this, and it’s totally fine if you don’t want anything to do with us, but he has a ‘thing’ about having me spank him and humiliate him and all that. Kind of kinky thing, you know? Anyways, one of his ‘things’ is to have me take him shopping for panties. Maybe a bra also, for him to wear. I know. How weird is that? But I do love him, so here we are. What size do you think he would take?” and you’re off from there. Likely even a bra fitting.

        I’ve done this a half dozen times, and all the ladies were very eager to help out. Hey, a sale is a sale, and it’s a fun story they can take him with them. You don’t have too many prudes working in sexy lingerie stores!

        1. Author

          It’ll take time to get my head wrapped around publicly embarrassing him. It’s true, he has his pink shirt now but will I actually make him wear it in public? Remember, I was 99% vanilla when he met me. I may only be down to 75% at this point.

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