Flag on the Play

Lion made some big mistakes yesterday.
I don’t really have any intention of making Lion wear panties every day. They wouldn’t be as special if I did. It would just be one more thing he’d get used to doing. I think they should be saved for days when I think he’s feeling pretty. Who decides when he’s feeling pretty? I do, of course.

Yesterday I was looking at bras and panties. I told him at this point I don’t see the need for padding or fake boobs. I’d rather be able to pinch his boobies whenever I want to. He snapped at me. He said I only do that when we’re playing. That may be true but he’s never worn a lacy bra before. When I found a sheer, flowered, lacy bra in red with black accents, he told me it was a bit much. He showed me a satin set he thought would be better. Where’s the lace? Where’s the sheerness? Where are the flowers? Of course the one I picked out was a bit much. It’s supposed to be.

I forgot to mention that Lion was snarky yesterday. When we were setting up the satellite for the camper, I’d suggest something and he’d tell me I was wrong. Then, as I was trying to do something he asked me to do, he was in the way so I said I needed to get where he was. He told me I was being snarky with him. I finally figured out what was going on. He wants me to take charge. I try to take charge. Every time I do, he pushes back. Um. Nope. No good. Flag on the play. Aside from the fact that he interrupted me a bunch of times, he was undermining my power by talking back. That earned him a red butt later on last night.

He did beg for me to stop spanking him. He promised he’d behave. I didn’t stop spanking. I told him I didn’t believe he’d behave. Eventually I got his buns as red as I wanted them, so I stopped. He was grateful I stopped, but later on told me I took it easy on him. He wondered why. I didn’t think I had. Am I going by what I want or by what he wants? I’m pretty sure he’d want more (in hindsight, so to speak) no matter how long or hard I spanked him. His butt could be bruised, bleeding, and he wouldn’t be able to sit for a week, but he’d say I went easy on him. [Lion – No, not at all. It’s much more complex to me than that]

I was going to edge him last night. Thursday night he had a nice oral orgasm. We didn’t play Friday. By last night he was horny again. I revved him up a few times and then I went a bit too far. When I realized it I could have gone in for the salvaged orgasm, but I decided to let the ruined one pan out. I got myself a nice snack and Lion got a bit of writhing around and not much fun. I wondered what would happen, aside from a pissed off Lion, if I only gave him ruined orgasms. He’s just as horny afterwards. The only difference between edging and a ruined orgasm is the crème filling. No, I’m not going to give Lion nothing but ruined orgasms. I was just an evil thought.