What He Can’t See Might Hurt Him

Last night Lion asked if we could use the blindfold. I found it weeks ago and forgot all about it. The other day I just happened to see it while we were getting ready for our trip. I didn’t ask but I assume being blindfolded is another form of bondage.

As he put the blindfold on I told him I could do anything I wanted to him and he wouldn’t see it coming. To prove it, I decided to mess with his mind by letting him smell some menthol rub and pretending to put it on his balls. Afterwards he said he thought I really did put it on but then when I started playing with his cock he knew I hadn’t. (Plus it didn’t get hot.) Apparently I normally wait for the rub to take effect before I move on. I’m not sure that’s 100% true but who am I to argue.

I didn’t do anything with the blindfold that I wouldn’t do without it beyond teasing him about the menthol rub. Maybe I missed a great opportunity but nothing came to mind. I’d manscaped him earlier in the day so his balls were sensitive (hence not actually putting the menthol rub on him). I didn’t want to do clothespins. I did some Velcro but by the time I’d decided to do it he was already hard and it works better if he’s soft and trying to get hard. So I just masturbated him.

At a certain point I decided I’d surprise him by going Lion riding. I grabbed some lube. My theory was that he would think I was going for a gentle orgasm and not think anything of it. When he was very hard and I’d edged him a few times, I made my move. We were doing well until the lube got the better of us. Too slippery. He kept popping out. We are definitely out of practice. I know Lion will offer up his body to me any time I want to practice on him. But last night I had to finish him off by hand.

Despite a decent amount of precum, he didn’t produce any semen. None that came out initially at least. It may have leaked out later. I thought it was because of the ruined orgasm he had the other day, but Lion says he should have recovered by last night. The lack of semen doesn’t really concern me. As long as he feels good having a full orgasm, I’m happy.

[Lion — The lack of semen does concern me. It’s more from a sexual health point of view than any psychological concern.]

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