The Adventure Starts

We drove to the state park on Friday. My shoulder proved to be a painful problem. The drive was fine, but my trusty trailer recliner turned out to be impossibly uncomfortable. I spent the evening in a straight-back dining chair. Getting to sleep was as difficult as it is at home. So, in that respect camping is no worse than being home. Fortunately, it is pretty comfortable to drive in Mrs. Lion’s truck.

About 10PM Mrs. Lion asked if I wanted to do “anything”. I responded by asking what she had in mind. Her response was vague. I declined. Al la carte play with me calling the shots doesn’t appeal to me. It’s hard to feel submissive when I decide my fate.

It was clear that Mrs Lion was tired and uncomfortable herself. I think her offer was an attempt to follow through on her promise to play if we go away. I am grateful that she was willing to do this to please me.

The problem for me is that, like a spanking, play is something that is announced and then performed; not something that I get to choose to receive. I don’t mean to be overly picky. After all, Mrs. Lion knows my shoulder is a problem for me and she doesn’t want to do anything if I am in pain. Fair enough. Perhaps a simple, “Is your shoulder hurting now?” would do.

Trying to maintain our power exchange with my recovery is an ongoing challenge. Working out how to play is just one more thing to work out. Part of the solution is to assure I take some Tylenol an hour before she wishes to begin. She doesn’t have to tell me why I have to take it. Play requires planning nowadays.

I also suggested we play earlier in the day. I seem to be in less pain then. Mrs. Lion has always put off play and sexual contact for the latest possible movement at night. I don’t know why. Part of me wonders if it is because she doesn’t really want to do it and puts it off as long as possible. I hope that isn’t the case. It would be very sad if it is.

Situations like this underline a problem we both want to solve: Mrs. Lion prefers not to initiate things. I suppose the same is true of me as well. In her role, initiation in terms of sexual and BDSM activity belongs to her. Sexual pleasure for her is something I have to initiate. Perhaps her loss of libido is due to my lack of initiation. Maybe her solution is to just turn off.

Right now, initiation on my part will take some very serious creativity. But with he help of the magic wand and some creative positioning of Mrs. Lion, I could begin. If she wants to cooperate, I can also please her orally if she sits in a chair and I kneel in front of her. At least it is worth a try.

We have four more days to go I’m writing this on Saturday morning. We have no phone or Internet and we will have to drive miles in order to upload our posts. Don’t worry, we will keep you up to date.