Measuring Up

penis meaure
Turns out, I am pretty close to the ideal. Most men are.
Every guy thinks about his penis size. It’s usually in the context of being “too small”. That approbation infers that women would not be pleased with his erect size. Tom Allen, tweeted about a study to find the perfect penis size, “We Talked to the Scientist Who Just Discovered the Perfect Penis“. That’s right, grant money was provided to determine what penis size women prefer.

The scientist 3D-printed blue penises of varying size. These replicas were presented to 75 women who then decided which penis would be best in a long term relationship and which for a one night stand. The result: for a long term relationship, 6.3-inches long and 4.8 inches in circumference, for a one-nighter, 6.5 inches long and 5-inches around. Pretty close.

A few years ago I did a picture for another site of my penis size (image, right). Length is 6 1/32-inches. That translates to 6.03 inches; about a quarter of an inch short. The image shows my girth is 1 3/4-inches, this translates to 5.5-inches in circumference. I’m about half an inch bigger in circumference. This translates to less than a quarter inch wider in diameter. The average erect penis is very close to this new “ideal”. I’m average.

In my case, this is all academic. I haven’t had penetrative sex in well over two years. Size is unimportant in a handjob; and if you aren’t enormous, it isn’t an issue with oral sex. I’m hoping that fucking will return in the future. If it does, that study suggests I will provide the right sort of pleasure.

Truthfully, I haven’t thought about my erect penis size in years.  The picture here was taken in 2010. I don’t think I’ve thought about erection size since then. On the other hand, I’ve been fairly obsessive about my flaccid size. That, of course, is the result of the need to measure in order to get a chastity device. Men into enforced chastity pay a lot of attention to their limp weenies. There’s a lot of discussion about them on chastity forums.

We’re used to thinking about penis bragging referring to erect dimensions. In the chastity world, everything is upside down. Guys take pride in having a very short flaccid weenie. I’m a winner in that circle. My flaccid penis is a bit under 1 3/4 inches long. I wear a chastity cage that is 1 1/4 inches long. It provides a snug, comfortable fit that keeps my urethra centered and slightly protruding from the front of the cage. That’s important for predictable peeing.

It’s interesting to me that we males want to compare penis size whether hard or soft. As the study found out, women prefer an erect penis that is just about average in size. I wonder if there is going to be a study on the flaccid size they like best; probably not.


  1. Author

    So Mrs. Lion has not let you penetrate her vagina in over 2 years?

    1. Author

      It’s not that simple. Her libido isn’t there. We hope it will return soon, but for the last few years she hasn’t been interested in sex for herself.

  2. Author

    If she doesn’t want sex for herself you should beg to be allowed to massage her feet at the least.

    Perhaps if you are lucky she may eventually demand it.

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