Fur Or No Fur

shaved male nipple
My shaved nipple. I like this look a lot.

A few weeks ago I shaved my chest. I’m now hairless from face to mid-thigh. I decided to do this on an impulse. I had the body shaver and was refreshing the shave under my arms. No, hairless male underarms isn’t necessarily my thing, but for the time being it’s necessary. I can’t wash very well under my operated arm. I can’t move it very far from my body and hair just promotes bad smells. I do wash every night, but this is a trick I read about for people getting shoulder surgery. I also had to do the same under my good arm. The reason for this is that it is extremely hard for me to wash that underarm because my operated shoulder doesn’t let my right arm get very far to wash it.

I don’t have much hair under there anyway, so no biggie; at least for me. I also shave the hair at the top of my chest. Long, stringy hair grows there and just looks bad. Mrs. Lion has commented on this from time to time. So, when I think about it, I shave it off. While I was at it, I decided to shave more. I shaved the hair around my nipples. I admit it. I like the way my hairless nipple looks. (see image, right). What can I say. I like it.

Feeling adventurous, I continued removing hair. Before I knew it, there was nothing left. Looking in the mirror, I like that look. My belly button looks better without a bush around it. No “happy path” is also more attractive in my eyes. Male chest shaving is pretty common nowadays. This was the first for me.

I haven’t had any pubic hair in over 25 years. I can’t remember what I look like with it. I’ll never find out. Most of the hair was laser removed before I met Mrs. Lion. Some stubborn patches here and there, particularly on my balls and below, remain. Mrs. Lion manscapes me to keep my clean look. She did this yesterday after several weeks of not being mowed.

The pubic hair first disappeared many years ago when a woman I was seeing let me know she disliked pubic hair. She had almost none. She was born that way. So, I allowed her to remove mine. I liked the result but was self conscious about it. I grew it back before seeing a doctor who might want my pants off. After the appointment, off it went again. Eventually, I lost my shyness and never saw hair there again.

Since I don’t have much chest hair anyway, perhaps it will be gone permanently too. Mrs. Lion dislikes the stubble but said she likes the look. So, if I shave often enough or use the epilator, the stubble won’t be a problem. I’ll have to see what she wants.



  1. Author

    I’ve been shaving my chest for years. I do it daily. The stubble can be a problem if I want to become amorous so I often will shave again before sex. My Queen likes the look.

    1. Author

      If Mrs Lion decides she likes me this way, I’ll follow your routine.

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