Maintenance Swats Return

Basketball preempted Zapardy last night. And we never made it out the door to dinner either. When I attempted to play with Lion, he wasn’t really interested. The night was kind of a bust. And now today it’s raining. I’m in a funky mood. I’m just trying to look busy at work without actually doing anything.

At Lion’s request, we’re going to start maintenance swats tonight. I think it may be the only way to really jump start discipline again. I just need to do it. I don’t think it has to be as severe as actual punishment. I doesn’t have to be a lot of swats. It may not need to even happen more than once. Maybe something will click in my brain and we’ll be off and running again.

Lion wanted me to expand on his post this morning. I guess he wants my side of the story. But I think he already hit the high points. There’s really nothing for me to add. I’m not a gung ho I-need-to-change-his-behavior-for-his-own-good type of person. It makes him happy to have rules. It makes him happy (although not at that particular time) to be punished. Done deal.

From my point of view, I need to answer two questions: can I punish him and am I willing to? The first one is less about his allowing me to do it and more of a can I get myself to actually whomp him hard enough to satisfy his need for discipline? I have in the past and I’m sure I can again in the future. The second one is more of a moral dilemma. Just because you can do something doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Am I willing to hurt him? It takes a lot to get my head wrapped around it, but yes I’m willing to do it.

Beyond those two questions is the concept of theatrics. I don’t pretend to speak for anyone else, but I’m willing bet that most women don’t care about punishing their man. They are just very good actors. 2.0 is an actor. 2.0 likes to swat Lion. She doesn’t mind letting him know that he’s been bad and that behavior is just not tolerated. She doesn’t want any of his nonsense. He likes that.

Maybe the maintenance swats will prompt 2.0 to show up. She’s been missing for a while. Now that Lion is feeling better, we need her back.