You Can’t Keep a Good Lion Down

As you may have read, Lion is back. At least, he was for one post. Time will tell if he is up to doing a post every day. Although I think he may be getting cabin fever, he’s able to get out of bed by himself (with occasional help) and he can do most personal care things by himself. He’s even able to put his contacts in and get them out. That was a big question. I don’t wear contacts so I don’t really know how to deal with them. Thankfully, Lion has that taken care of. The only thing he really needs help with is showering and I don’t mind helping with that at all.

I’m still the chief cook and bottle washer, as they say. Lion’s appetite has not been normal. We think the antibiotic and/or anesthesia messed with his taste buds. Everything has a pepper taste. There are very few things he can eat that are not affected. Chicken pot pies and chocolate milkshakes, two of his favorite things, are among the limited choices that he can still enjoy. Even when food tastes good, he isn’t eating much of it. I guess that’s good for the weight loss program. I haven’t asked if he’s checked yet, but he must be losing weight.

Last night, Lion hinted that he might be ready to get back to other normal business. He wanted to snuggle and suggested something more may be welcome. You never know till you try. However, I was very tired. My sleep is almost as fouled up as his. We ate late and snuggled late. Tonight we’ll have to change that up. Either snuggling before dinner or an earlier dinner. We’ve got no errands to run that I’m aware of. I’m doing laundry, but that can wait until tomorrow or the next day. As long as Lion is not in pain, we can do as much or little as he wants to do.

Lion is feeling well enough that I’ve decided to go to work for a few hours on a few days next week. Depending on how it goes, I may add more hours to each day or more days to the week. I’ll still need to be available to drive him to appointments, but eventually I will go back to work full time. In about five weeks or so I think Lion may be able to drive again. Not that I’m pushing him. I’m sure he’ll enjoy the freedom of being able to escape the house at will.

I think Lion is doing very well. I thought by now he’d be out of pain for the most part. You know, some lingering pain, but the worst would be over. And it is. I thought he’d be up and about and able to take care of a lot of things himself. He is. I’m not psychic. I just had a feeling he wouldn’t stay down for long. At least, not without being tied down.