A Little Normalcy

For the record, before Lion’s surgery was ever scheduled, I suggested getting a shower seat. It would have come in handy when my knee was hurt. And, since we don’t have any ledge in our shower stall, a seat will be useful for shaving my legs or even just washing my feet without doing the flamingo stand. Lion poo-pooed the idea so I never got one. Now I got one under the guise that it might be useful for him as well. I really do think he’ll need it. Once he’s able to have more than a sponge bath, he’ll still be drugged and potentially unsteady on his feet. Why not eliminate the need for him to stand at all in the shower?

Despite all the talk of a sick room and being handicapped, Lion was actually horny last night. I don’t mean that to sound like it’s been ages, but he’s been sleeping a lot so the horniness has lost out. It had been five days since his last orgasm, he reminded me. Oh, wow! Five whole days? I don’t know how he survived! I’m kidding, of course. First of all, five days is not an extended wait, obviously. But I think he said it more to illustrate that, at the five day mark, he should be horny. So I obliged.

We snuggled a bit and I decided to pinch his nipples. He doesn’t like that at all. I do it because I can. And because he doesn’t like it. And because he’s pinched my nipples in the past and that should never, ever happen. I told him I did it to get his mind off his shoulder pain. Yeah, sure. Then I decided it’s been a long time since my weenie had some quality oral time. Lion loves that. What I love is when my weenie starts out soft and grows in my mouth.

I didn’t really edge him so much as keep him at a heightened level for a while. When I knew he was ready, he started to buck a tiny bit, I decided I didn’t need to edge him at all. Very slowly, I brought him to a point where his bucking increased and then I let him come. He still didn’t have much semen. He’s been a little worried about that. I think it’s because we haven’t been playing like we used to. I don’t edge him every night. There’s no need to produce semen if you don’t think anything will happen. He’s not broken. He’s out of practice. There’s nothing we can do about that right now.