Wait and See

Lion and I had an exhausting weekend. Unfortunately, it wasn’t because of any sexual adventures. We were running errands, doing chores, and buying a car. We both took naps on Sunday afternoon. Lion’s been in more pain and I don’t know what my problem was. It was just nice to snooze together for a while.

Lion’s shoulder pain is now heading south to his elbow. I don’t think it’s because of a new injury or even worsening of the old injury. I think it’s because the cortisone shot is definitely all worn off and now the pain can go where it wants. I’m glad he only has to wait a few more days for the surgery.

Now that we’ve solved the problem of transportation, we can relax a little bit before the surgery. One more chore has to be completed that requires both of us. The rest of the chores would go more smoothly with Lion’s help, but I can manage them myself for the duration.

I don’t expect Lion to be frisky for a few weeks, at least, because of the pain and the “heroin” he’ll be taking. It’s unclear to us, and everyone is different anyway, how long he’ll be in huge pain. Some people say three days. Some people say three weeks. I know he’ll be hurting after each physical therapy session. That’s because his shoulder will want to hide in the corner and sulk. Once he starts moving it, it will complain loudly. Lion did say yesterday that the pain afterwards can’t be too much worse than what he’s been feeling lately. Fingers crossed.

My job, aside from taking care of Lion physically and emotionally, is to decide when the rules, FLR, and domestic discipline can start up again. There’s no doubt we’ll have some miscues along the way. He might feel great for a few days and we’ll decide to start, and then maybe he’ll feel worse. The main thing is to not lose sight of FLR and DD. We can certainly still talk about things throughout his recovery. He’ll have more time to read and discover new things he wants to try once he’s ready.

I just hope Lion doesn’t feel any pressure to get back to normal. He can give me a Lion weather report any time he feels the warm, gentle breezes of horniness. I won’t rush him. We’ll see how things go and, most importantly, talk about things. Lion’s need time to heal as much as they need sex.