Sexy Thoughts

Mrs. Lion’s penny saving and spending plan does take me out of the equation. She correctly observed that I don’t tend to redeem reward coupons. I’m not entirely sure why I don’t, but it just doesn’t feel right to me. Now it isn’t an issue.

There is so much about actually living in a power exchange that just doesn’t appear online or even in fiction. Most of what I read is like a movie where everything but the “good parts’ have been cut out. It’s all sex and spanking. When there is nothing to report, then the poster doesn’t write.

For better or worse, Mrs. Lion and I post every day. Partly we do it as another channel for us to use for communication. The end result has a lot less punch than other blogs.  I wonder if it would be better if we just wrote when things got exciting. The problem with that idea, is that Mrs. Lion and I might start thinking about what we do as a series of events instead of a continuous flow of living.

For example, my upcoming surgery really isn’t relevant to anything that has to do with male chastity or domestic discipline. It’s just an unfortunate piece of life that we both will have to go through. We also write about our doubts. I’m concerned that my interest in sex is diminishing. I don’t think about sex nearly as much as I did six months ago. I’m not that easy to arouse, and I’m wondering if it’s more organic than emotional.

This is the sort of stuff you don’t generally see in blogs. It’s much more fun to write and read about interesting sex positions, new punishments, and long frustrating waits for orgasms. Frankly, I prefer that to writing about day-to-day living. But that’s not what we are about.

Now, for example, I’m in a completely nonsexual situation. I’m on a business trip and I’m staying in a very nice hotel all by myself with only the TV for company. I don’t really like porn and my thoughts are centered more on work and the upcoming surgery than they are on any sort of titillating adventures.

The reason this is a problem for me is that that isn’t what I think I should be feeling now. As each day passes I should be more and more interested in getting off. But I’m not. The fact that I’m not interested leaves an emotional hole for me to fill. I really haven’t figured out what I can do to take the place of sex when I’m feeling this way.

I’m sure this is all in my head.  The big question for me is how to make room for those pleasant sexual thoughts that give me that special tingle. I know Mrs. Lion would like to help. I guess I just have to make room for some nice sexy thoughts. Any suggestions?


  1. Author

    Keep on going, you are very touching.

  2. Author

    It’s difficult to think sexy thoughts or to be aroused when one doesn’t feel well or is in pain. Your surgery will fix that problem. You’ll be an old horny Lion again soon.

  3. Author

    Yes Collaredmichael is right, you are heading into surgery and your mind is not geared toward sex. Relax. You will be back on track soon. (OK, in a few months)

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