A Penny Saved

The other day I wrote about keeping FLR and domestic discipline alive during Lion’s recovery. I’ll need to keep my eyes and ears open, and point out when he strays from the rules. I won’t be enforcing them, but he should still be aware when he breaks one.

Last night, in the shower, I came up with another idea. I haven’t hashed out all the details yet, but  think I have a good start. When Lion makes a respectful request, he’ll get one penny. When he makes a rude request, he loses two pennies.

For example, if he asks politely for a glass of water, one penny added. If he tells me to get him his medication, two pennies gone. I believe his drug-addled mind can still tell the difference between right and wrong. He should have more pennies added than taken away.

What’s the prize for accumulating all those pennies? Off the top of my head, I’m thinking he might get a pass on an upcoming punishment night once the rules are reinstated. A certain amount of pennies might equate to a pound or two to save him from a weekly weigh-in. Maybe I’ll bring him a special treat in exchange for some pennies.

Lion is usually reluctant to cash in reward coupons. I won’t give him a choice this time. I’ll decide what those pennies are good for. And when. All he can do is earn them or lose them.

It’s taken me a long time to figure out that the secret to giving Lion rewards is to take away his ability to decide not to use them. My Lion is a good boy and he deserves to be rewarded accordingly.

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